Sunday, January 2, 2011

Purple tree chooks and cookie cake

Vegas and I drove to the city yesterday to meet up with some friends and deliver lots of egg goodness, it was so much fun to catch up! I must have talked a mile a minute and sounded like a complete lunatic.

Yeah, I don't get out much...
My sweet friend Prin spoiled me with this awesome tree ornament:

And her famous cookie cake, 
which is like sex on your tongue:

Tastes like Pillsbury cookies but made from scratch! :-D

Yesterday marked the end of Eating Really Bad. I went all out and had nothing but crap all day and woke up feeling like junk this morning. One item on my "things I want to do this year" is to eat better and it started this morning. You need to only change one small thing at a time until it's part of your normal routine, otherwise it gets overwhelming and failure is always just around the corner.

Or so I heard :-)

Still working on that bucket list, will post it soon.

The sun's out today (it was supposed to rain, fog and snow...) so crossing fingers it holds for a little while longer, my friend and I want to take the horses out for a ride this afternoon - can't wait!

Off I go!

/end of Cookie Love post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

I do hope you did not put those cookies on the 'junk' list. They look amazing.
Love that ornament, so quirky and cute!!!

prin said...

I'm glad you like the ornament. :D Pink and purple and chicken? Exactly. Mike says it's an ostrich, but what does he know? :D *pretends it's still a chicken*

And I'm glad you like the cookie cake. Next time, I'll ice it. :D

And you have to move closer to me since I'm stuck here forever. :/

prin said...

Oh and also, I think it's about food replacement. If you eat healthy things throughout the day, you'll probably have fewer binge cravings for crap. Maybe.

*eats more chocolate orange*

myself said...

What Prin said. I really had to change the way I eat in order to lose weight (still doing it) to the extent that my "depressed or stress" eating habits changed completely also (instead of eating everything in sight, I eat nothing - not that this is good either).

Now I don't feel guilty if I have junk now & again, because I make sure 90% of what I eat is healthy. and I still lose weight which means, in my head, it works.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hope you got to take your ride. Love the ornament, it's perfect.
So I am waiting until tomorrow to start that eating right stuff, so today I continue to pig out!

myself said...

ps, you look fab anyway so...there!!!

myself said...
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myself said...
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Adventures In China said...

Happy New Year!

I also ate like crap, and I was glad to know I don't have to feel that way every day, yuck. Death by cheese puffs is not for me.

Love the ornament! And the cookie cake. Yummmmm.

C said...

what a darling ornament.. i love it! and the cake looks so yummy! you have sweet friends.

prin said...

sparkle, sparkle. said...

ohhh, tres adorable!! i want to collect chickies now!! you have made them the item to have! though i dont think the city would allow me to raise them here. lol but i will love them through your blog!!! maybe i will collect a few here and there to keep me until that one day...when i can have chick or two....ha ha

hope you can get the horsies out and do post a pic or four, love to see your scenery, its always soooo gorgeous!!!