Monday, January 31, 2011

And I'm only a little bit sore!

Oh, I had such a fun time yesterday!!

My friend and I braved the cold and took the horses for a lovely ride through the sun-dappled trails in the woods, the ski-doos may be annoying but they do pack down the snow real good, leaving perfect riding trails behind.

We stuck some toe-heating pads in our boots so our extremities were toasty-warm, the evergreens blocked the wind and the horses were raring to GO! Quiet, serene, snow-laden trees twinkling in the sun - oh, it was incredible!

Jack may be 26+ years old but he has the energy of a horse half his age once he's under the saddle, he loooves "working" and was actually pissed at me when I slowed him down, we had a small stretch of canter but with the cold air and his unknown physical condition I was afraid to exhaust him - um, quite the contrary... he wanted to RUN and was like a loaded spring once he was warmed up.

Once the weather allows for regular conditioning he'll get to go farther and at the pace he wants but for now I have to be responsible.

Man, that was fun though :-D

We both forgot our cameras though - darn.

It's Monday and it's the last day of long, cold January - well, at least here in eastern Canada-eh. Life's a shooting star, whooosh! Today's for house cleaning, laundry and cooking, tomorrow is for shopping and car mechanicals, Wednesday I have software training in the city and beyond that I don't want to know. February is going to be crazy-busy with lots of traveling and fun social stuff - yey!

Wishing you all a lover-ly day!

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Busy Bee Suz said...

No cameras???? Oh, at least I could picture it all from your lovely descriptions.
Glad your weekend was fabulous.
On to February....

Anke said...

Good for you, enjoying the weekend doing things you love!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry I'm so late in stopping over. I've been on the go! So glad you got to take Jack for a ride, sounds like it was a good one.