Tuesday, June 9, 2009


S'cold. Pissing down rain. Yack!

Glad you all liked the pics of the house n'stuff... To be honest, I'm pretty nervous to be stepping into such an unknown world in two weeks - right now it all seems like a helluva lot of responsibility and a lot to learn all at once, am not sure where to stick my head.

So this is what my head does when I'm not watching:

Two nights ago I dreamt that I was sitting at a bar with Vegas, having a drink and chatting about stuff, when the talk turned to "sexy things" he used to do with an ex.

I remember saying "I guess you two deserved each other then" and he replied "well yeah, that's why we were married for 10 years - um, oops, I did mean to tell you..."

My jaw dropped open, my glass shattered on the floor and all I could do was gasp for breath and run, run as fast as I could to get away from this man who had betrayed me so terribly - how could I be wife #3 and not have known until now? Who was this man and what had I gotten myself into? WTF?

It was dark and cold, a slushy rain covered the ground and my rubber boots kept flying off my feet, I could hear him running after me in the distance shouting "Wait! Wait! You don't understand! I love you!" but I needed to hide, couldn't find a place as I was sobbing too hard to see anything. Finally ducked into a doorway and then watched cars fall into deep, giant potholes hidden under lakes of watery slush, the drivers screaming for help as they drowned.


Too much rain, methinks... too much rain.

This afternoon will be for hot tea and biscuits after I'm back from running errands, need to focus on my website and take a break from packing. For dinner I'll make pasta in a rosé vodka sauce with shredded chicken breast and a salad of sorts. Mmmm.

Stay dry!

/end of Stupid Dreams! post/


Kathryn said...

Too much rain, indeed. Rain here as well. This morning my drive to work was quite water-logged. No fun.

Mmm . . . pasta! Last night was shrimp scampi w/fettucine. Yummers. Not sure what tonight holds.

Happy Tuesday and stay dry yourself!

Le Dog House said...
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Mike said...

Im sorry I missed yesterdays post.

Your house to be and property is GORGEOUS!

Lucky lucky lucky ;)

prin said...

So... Like... Are there any good therapists in farmtown? :D


Lady Banana said...

Your weather sounds just like here in England.. cold, wet and miserable :(

What a dream, hope it didn't linger too long after you woke!

Technodoll said...

Kathryn, you are quite the cook! Did you have cake? I need cake. mmm.

Mike, thank you!!

Prin, if you count horse whisperers then yes... :-D

Lady B, I gave Vegas an earful after I woke up but then it was just funny!

PrincessB said...

I agree...too much rain! WTF is with this weather and where's summer?? Hawaii here I come! :)

Katie said...

Wow. That dream would throw me off my game.

We've had an especially wet spring here too. But I am loving it because I live in a desert and generally by this time of year it's 95 and dry as a bone and I'm hating life. Usually, I can't wait until winter gets back here so I can bundle up instead of wanting to strip naked and run under the sprinklers. Which would not be a pretty sight. Oh no.

C said...

i think you shouldnt eat cucumber sandwiches before bed! hahahahahaha


Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

Your dreams crack me up. I could totally see myself having such a dream. I'm sure it's the stress of the unknown manifesting itself in your unknown fears. It will all be over soon!

myself said...

I thought yesterday was lovely as I was doing things other than work and it gave me opportunity to snooze and not feel guilty.

Mmmm sleeep.

As for dreams...engh, you're weird, face it!

Kathryn said...

TD - no cake this time. I usually bake on the weekends. If you and Vegas like angel food cake . . . the next time you make one, throw in some chocolate sprinkles before you put the cake in the oven. Delish!!

Making potato salad now . . . I'll let you know how it goes. :o)