Thursday, June 11, 2009



Yesterday certainly took a turn for the better after I posted that rant, LOL!

An angel we haven't even had the pleasure to meet yet (soon "neighbors" though, yey!) gave me a lifeline to a very good local contractor that he knows - I placed the call and hallelujah! We're all set for an appointment at the new house this weekend to go over the projects that need to be done the first week of July and to get an estimate - how amazing is that?

*bows down to awesome new friends*

Talk about a huge weight lifted off our shoulders... Plus the farm insurance is all set now, which is another relief. Screw city brokers, man - go local!

Two more weeks to go... are you all starting to sweat for me? :-D

Today is for packing and for ordering things to be delivered to the house the day after we've moved. Now that I've got a day planner to scribble in I don't feel quite so disorganized and flappy.

You know, like a bird with a broken wing.

Flap flap flap.

Vegas is horrendously busy with his job again this week so it's pretty much up to me to keep things going. I wouldn't mind so much if my back hadn't started acting up again... blaaah!

Stupid old thing.

My back, I mean.

Buying a new bed isn't a luxury at this point, it's a medical necessity!

My god I talk a lot.

Wishing you all a lovely day, toodles!

/end of I Love My New Old Bike post/


Kathryn said...

Yay for the contractor referral!!! So happy for you. Awesome that your neighbors hooked you up like that. My neighbors just have their contractors come onto our floor on a Saturday at 8:00 AM and start working away. Yeah, felt like someone was actually jackhammering in our condo. *sigh*

It's a good thing to have many things to keep you busy. And day planners are a good thing. I keep thinking I may go back to a daily planner rather than keep it all on my crackberry. Though I do have a notebook in my purse at all times.

And yesterday's potato salad was awesome. Taters, eggs, carrots, mayo, cider vinegar. YUM! :o)

Happy Thursday.

Curly said...

Not sure what to make for supper tonight. Thankfully there is this great new website for recipes.

It should be updated daily. Whatever you make the night before should be posted the next day.

You can do this in your spare time. :-D

myself said...

The being laid off was very opportune what with Vegas' schedule, can you imagine doing this while working?

Thank kerist for the recommendation of others, some contractors are bloody slimey....

myself said...

PS...I'm with you on the written agenda, without mine, I'm a's the only thing that keeps me sane.

Frank said...

You old people and your back problems...

Busy Bee Suz said...

So glad things are looking up...never too soon to make friends with the neighbors too.
Glad you love your bike. you must splurge on a bed need a good back and a good nights rest too.

prin said...

hehe, flappy.

I so did not picture a bird.

lol @ the old thing.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Slow and steady wins the race. karmakarmakarma chameleon. Sorry, ran out of clichés.

Technodoll said...

Kathryn, now I am craving potato salad - aaaa! LOL

Curly, just for you I added a nice and healthy dinner recipe. *snicker*

Myself, I can never be sans agenda anymore, no thanks! And yeah, there is NO way in hell I could have held down a full-time job AND gotten all our crap together for the move. No. Way.

Frank, I'm going for an electric wheelchair soon. So no need for you to come push :-D

Busy Bee, we are definitely investing in a long-term solution for the bed tomorrow... will blog about it!

Prin, that hurt my head. Flap flap flap.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Yes! The contractor will work wonders for you and with a local recommendation at that! Two are practically there! I am so excited for you!!! Keep the pics coming once he gets started for the before and after effect :)

Technodoll said...

Aie if I find time to blog I'll post pics, for sure!!

Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

Hey, I am so glad this worked out for you. Locals are the best, I agree. Hope your back keeps strong!

Technodoll said...

Yep it's appears to be on-and-off so hopefully that's a good sign??

I lifted stuff today (shhh) so will see how my back is tomorrow. If it's fine, I'm on the mend!