Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marshmallow & granite

Hurrah! Yay! w00t!

Our new mattresses will be delivered two days after we've moved into our new house!

Vegas will have his slab of granite and I will have my lovely marshmallow, we'll finally be on a King bed (two Twin XL's pushed together) and all that's missing is a platform or frame and we're all set!

It cost a mint but a good night's sleep is priceless :-)

I'm already sick of shopping: yesterday was for tools, a shop vac, phones, house supplies and the like. We still need a sooo much stuff, I don't know where to begin!

*insert a scream of sorts*

Hope my bro will lend us his chainsaw and sledgehammer...

Tomorrow is Vegas' birthday so I need to get busy making his ice cream cake (it's what he wants!) and there is still tons of packing to do, plus laundry and other ickies. Thankfully the bday gifts are wrapped and ready to go, all that's missing is mmeeeeeeeeeee!

Yep, 10am appointment tomorrow morning chez la hairdresser.

Tired of looking like an old skunk.

Any of you Canadians have good long-distance calling plans that are NOT with Bell? I'm looking at Primus but am open to other suggestions - thanks in advance for recommendations!

/end of Tuesday Track Run post/


Roshan said...

Cool on the new mattress. Mine is a bit hard.

Kathryn said...

Awesome. Don't know how he could possibly sleep on granite, though. Ah well, to each his or her own, right?!

Sick of shopping?! Is it possible? Speaking of vacs . . . my other half broke my dyson this weekend. We need to get another one. *sigh*

You just reminded me . . . I need to get my highlights re-done. No time. Seriously. No time.

Happy B-day to Vegas.

Busy Bee Suz said...

A new bed will be wonderful for you...shopping? I get tired of it too. Good luck!

prin said...

No, I have bell. $15/month unlimited to the US and Canada.

I hope it's not a sealy. lol

Happy birthday to Vegas. :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

You...tired of shopping....never thought I'd hear THAT one ;)

Technodoll said...

Roshan, the important thing is to be able to sleep well... might be time to change?

Kathryn, I have a strange husband LOL! He'd rather sleep on the floor than a bed that is too soft. How about you order a new Dyson via phone while you get your hair done? See? I'm a-fish-ant!

Busy Bee, thanks! Just need a bed to put the mattresses on now...

Prin, my new house phone is with Videotron so I gots to shop... and no Sealy, no waaaay!

WW, well shopping for *expensive* things, ha ha! Craigslist doesn't count :-D

Anonymous said...

Long distance

We love Distributel
You hook up, no long engagement
and flat fee for all you can talk. Choose you plan well and HAve fun

-Laurent ienne

prin said...


So.. like... is it a sealy?


Just messin'. You know, 'cause I asked all over the interwebs by accident. :D

Technodoll said...

I'm going to get you a Sealy for crimmas. Nerrr!

Surfergrrl said...

dammit your posts always make me hungry. I came prepared this time. I'm eating a big ol plate of pasta and pesto. So there!

PrincessB said...

Happy Birthday to Vegas! Mine is Thursday...we're practically twins! Or something....


Off to HI in about a day...hope to be in Montreal in August!

C said...

hope your day is filled with love and great sex.... hhahahaha

your new bed sounds dreamy and of course we wanna see pictures of it.

how wonderful to be planning and moving and everything. enjoy it as you go, cuz in years from now it will be good memories.


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Love new cushy beds - congrats!! Glad you have a new hair appointment. Hope it goes well!

Kathryn said...

Yes, there's a-fish-ant for us!! The vacuum is for the sweet other half to take care of since he broke it. :o) And, the hair? Who knows when I'll get to that.

Adventures In China said...

I agree with you about the bed, very important. I splurged on my bed at home (and I miss it terribly) because really, on a good day, a 1/3 of your life is spent in bed. Like shoes, the comfort is worth the cost. Congrats on your new bed!

Curly said...

My older sister always says she could sleep in a picket fence. I believe her.

Technodoll said...

Surfergirl, you beat me to it this time! LOL

Princess B, Geminis are the best! and it's my dad's bday tomorrow, talk about cool eh? Let me know when you're in town, maybe we could meet??

C, if I can get rid of this migraine he will get his wishes, haha!!

Daring, yep hair went well although it's always better after a day or two. I look... "made up" right now, LOL

Kathryn, how do you break a Dyson??

Rebecca, yep a third of our lives are more or less spent in bed... it's worth it to invest in a good night's rest!

Technodoll said...

Curly, I envy your sister. a LOT. i have always had trouble sleeping and it sucks!

Kathryn said...

Dyson vs. bath rug - the other half arranged this fight.

Dyson lost.