Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I fell off the wagon

No bruises, but thanks for asking!

Um, it's the Kijiji and craigslist wagon. Uh-oh. While looking (unsuccessfully) for a bedroom set, I've stumbled across some really great and super-affordable items that couldn't be passed up so...

What? I'm nesting!

*rolls eyes*

I hardly got anything accomplished today, thanks to the flippin' migraine. Woke up at 8am in horrendous pain, suffered through torture until mid-afternoon and then it kindly took a hike after a second round of meds. My hairdresser kept asking if I was ok or if I needed to lay down, LOL!

I don't think she often sees pale green clients.

Stupid House.

The TV show, I mean. It's on weekdays at 11pm and even though we swear we won't watch it... can't watch it... too tired to watch it... Two minutes and we're hooked until midnight.

Sooo tired.

*shakes fist at über-sarcastic mister fantastic*

Anybody else love the guy?

I think Vegas' favorite gift was the camouflage swiss army knife. He really didn't expect that one... although the other stuff made him go "yey!" too. I dunno. Buying stuff has never been my forte, I'd rather give an experience such as a home-baked cake and a blowjob. OK I'm kidding about the cake. He he.

Too tired, can't brain. Sooo many little knick-knacks to take care of the next few days, I'm afraid to forget important stuff. Thank the beejus for my day-planner, it's my life-line.

The headache's coming back, oh no.

Time for drugs!

/end of Don't Worry Be Happy post/


prin said...

I've never seen house.

I've got the 'graines today too. Not fun. :(

Katie said...

Love House! Unfortunately he's one of the sacrifices I make due to my weird schedule. That's what dvds are for, and netflix. Right?

I was hoping your migraines would go when you left the last soul sucking place. I am so sorry, feel better soon.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Only saw one episode of House. I heard yesterday that is was the most watched show in the world. Perhaps I am missing good stuff and I don't even know it.
Hope the brain is better soon...stop shopping. You have forever in the house, you can take forever to fill it. really. :)

Kat Argonza said...

I love Swiss Knives more than Gerbers... is that weird? I get made fun of because a lot of soldiers are anti-french (as a joke, not quite as serious, though I sometimes get mad at francophobia... especially since the Swiss aren't French!) and they've lasted longer, and cost less than other tools.

Kathryn said...

LOVE House. While channel surfing one day, I happened upon an old episode and was hooked. I'm a House junkie . . . the other half makes fun of me. Ah well.

Sorry that your migraines are back. No fun.

Glad the hubs had a great b-day!

Happy Thursday . . . feel better. Want me to send you some get well angel food cake?

Technodoll said...

Prin, you would LOVE House... sarcasm and acidity at its bestest :-D ps take your meds!

Katie, the migraines have decreased greatly but alas, they're still there... stupid genetic weakness!

Busy Bee, I'll be sooo busy once we've moved that I doubt to enjoy shopping very much at that point. It helps to arrived prepared :-)

Kat, I thought you would like the knife! LOL

Kathryn, yes please! I can munch on that while watching House! Yey!

Adventures In China said...

Oooh that settles it. I shall have to purchase House. It's for sale cheap on the street here.

Camo Swiss Army Knife? AWESOME! I am so jealous! I want one!

myself said...

I have managed to avoid the migraines this week so far.

*touching wood as I type that*

As for House, not only do I like his sarcastic ass, but Hugh Laurie is hot in an older guy kinda way. Of course my affinity for British men has always been well documented.


Frank said...

It's my dream to grow up to be as bitter and spiteful as House.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You crack me up!! Up until now, I had no idea what to get my husband for Father's Day. Thanks for giving me some ideas. I mean, what guy wouldn't want a cake?



mistress pink said...

lol, i fell asleep at 9 pm last night after 4 days of little to no sleep and somehow i still woke up at 10:55 to get down to the living room to watch house . its like i was programmed or something.

Technodoll said...

Rebecca, you won't regret your purchase, I promise!

Myself, what are you talking about I have no idea :-D

Frank, I'm sorry but you have a loooong way to go... LOL

Francesca, you are a bad, bad girl! And I love it!!

Mistress Pink, that is bleddy awesome. House thanks you :-))

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Girl, moving takes a toll on your entire body (body, mind and soul actually), you are going to be tired and sore for a while with the packing, moving and unpacking. No way around it (sorry). But you have a wonderful house and you are moving to a better place for you, Vegas and the dogs...things are looking up. And if you keep spending on craigslist, you are going to be broke honey! (PS: Glad you didnt buy the mattress second-hand!) LOL