Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things I may have said to my dogs along the way

Jesus! Calm down Dakotah, we're only going for a walk,
you're not getting your balls back!

Did you just fart?!

Go away.

Come here.

Do you want to go for a ride?

Do you want a cookie? 
Say yes if you're a meathead!

Mommy loves you.

Maika, what did you do you big bitch!

Show me da belly, oh you wanna scratchies on da belly!

Did you fart again?

Who wants to go for a walk?



Oh don't cry, you big gay!
(OK this one is attributed to Vegas)

Imma gonna grab your buuuuuuutt!

Go see daddy.

Come see mommy.

No, there's no leftovers for you you giant walking stomach.

Where's the cat!

Get your toy.

Come give kiss.

You're such a little princess, aren't you!

Dakotah you big (lard, fathead, melonhead, fag)
(all terms of affection!)

Do you want a gummy bear?

Let's go for (a walk, a ride, dodo, the park)

Say bye-bye!

*disclaimer: gays and fags rock - and you know it, guys! dakotah just wants to be one, that's all. we think it's cute, LOL!


ModernMom said...

LOL Glad I am not the only one who yacks it up with the animals:) said...

i talk to my lil morgan all the time, and you know what? the lil farthead answers me back....she sure does. she has this whiny kind of talk, and she bounces up and she is getting a treat. even if i ask her if she is a bad girl...what a dork!

but she is cute, and they are such babies, and when no one is around, they make for good conversations, don't they? your doggies are soooo cute, and soooo expressive. they would eat my dachshund in one big bite, i think! a lil weiner treat! ha ha have a good week!!

Keri said...

LOL LOL.... Sounds like some of the stuff we say to our dogs... my dog in particular, the things I say to her most is "Can I help you?" when she pushes the bathroom door open, or "Excuse you!" when she burps!
My moms chihuahua, we talk to him about snuggling... "Wanna snuggle?" or "Want a massage?" while we are make our fingers go around in circles. He is spoiled rotten... and my mom's other dog, a papillon, Scooter, we say "Want mutilation?" My dad started that... he knows that it just means petting... LOL The things us crazy humans do....

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOL...this is so funny.
I love seeing those sweet faces!!!!!

Roshan said...

I just love ur dogs. And I love ur doggie talk.