Saturday, February 26, 2011

Escaped horses and glazed cinnamon lumps

I didn't tell you what happened Thursday evening, did I?

Normal end of day routine around 5:15pm, I go to the barn to check on the chooks and to make sure the horses have enough hay outside to last until my friend brings them in for the night around 7pm. Horses are munching happily, no worries.

I spend five minutes puttering around the the coops then head out to the back paddock with a couple of carrots to say good-night to the boys.

Only there were no boys.

Um. They were there not five minutes ago... what the...

And then in the corner of my eye I see the big white gate door swinging in the wind... The latch had somehow come undone... SUMBITCH!!! I run up the ramp and sure enough there are the two hooligans, at the end of our driveway and heading into the street.

Do you think I panicked?


Started walking after them, waving carrots and calling out but to my horror they just accelerated at a trot, and here I am chasing after two runaway horses with nothing but loose boots on my feet and carrots in my freezing hands.

Neither horse has their halter on.

It's getting dark, it's windy, the streets are icy and the cars are coming fast over the hill.

I don't believe in god but I think I started praying anyways!

Long story short, I managed to flag down all the cars coming our way so they formed a blockade of sorts across the street (yay for smart people who understand arm signals from afar!), people started pouring out of their houses to help, some half-dressed, some carrying ropes and leashes - we managed to corner the beasties in a driveway and con them into having a carrot so we could rope makeshift halters on their noggins.

Three kind-hearted strangers helped me walk the boys back home and safely into the paddock.

The gate lock has been fixed, nobody got hurt, I probably shaved two months off my life with the adrenaline that raged through my arteries - all in a farm day's work eh?

Worst thing? The two little bastards looked proud of themselves and their little adventure, bummed out at having been caught. GRRR!

I just thank my lucky stars that the gate latch didn't pop open at any other time... Can you imagine if I hadn't seen them leave? Gone. The horses would have just been GONE. Caused property damage and maybe even have gotten hit by a vehicle. Or if they had veered the other way from our driveway - up the road that leads to vast empty fields, blind corners, speeding cars and no neighbors.

*takes very deep breath*

So, in order to calm my jittery nerves I baked some cinnamon lumps last night. Normal people make cinnamon rolls, but noooo not me - mine have to look like dog turds! I had problems rolling the super sticky dough out, totally my fault. The recipe is gorgeous, the taste & texture were out of this world - you only need to eat them with your eyes closed :-)

Dakotah wasn't impressed.
Specially since Mr. Sweet Tooth wasn't allowed any.

Vegas chilling out before bed time.
Digesting my awesome cinnamon lumps :-D

This morning he's got soccer games on the telly.
Ooops, sorry: football matches.

A photo my mom took when I went to visit a couple weeks ago.
Untouched, so you can see my fatty-fat face.
Apparently I don't look like that in real life.
So I dunno.

Today I want to muck out some chicken coops, even if I ache from head to toe from god knows what. It's better than facing the crowds at Walmart and Loblows... I'm keeping that for Monday. Domestic goddess needs a break, people!

Peace, out.

/end of The Great Escape post/


Anke said...

Oh no, that must have been enough excitement to last a lifetime. I'm so glad it all worked out and you had so many helpers in catching the runaways.
Your cinnamon rolls look good, don't be so hard on yourself. Personally I'd rather have a not so perfectly shaped but delicious homemade one, than one from the store anytime.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Oh my goodness... I was laughing and horrified at the same time - what little bad boys you have!

You did a great job on your cinnamon rolls. Keep making them - promise, they will get better and better. I find flouring my hands before I work w/the sticky dough (and keep flouring) will do the trick.

So glad Vegas is home again. I always get a bit scared for you when you say he's away! Also, you look beautiful in your picture (no fatty-face! You are so silly!).


C said...

diane and i are watching the games, this morning too. as i write this, arsenal vs. birmingham...!!!!!

glad the horses are ok and your lumps look so yummy! funny but my daughter just made cinni rolls and brought some over this morning, earlier and had coffee wiff us!!! see? it's the french in us.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was really something, those two getting out. So glad that people stopped and helped you.
Your turd cinnamon rolls look pretty darn good! Hope your having a nice weekend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Thank goodness you got the horses back safely!!!! What a wonderful bunch of helpers you found.
I would eat those cinnamon lumps (turds) in a heartbeat. YUMMY.
Fat face??? I am going to come over and knock you around for that one.....


Roshan said...

That's a lot of excitement for a night. I bet the horses were just going for a stroll and didn't know the difference.
Yummy looking cinnammon rolls; Dakota does look like he is pissed off at not getting any!