Thursday, February 3, 2011

Because photos are so much more funner

The storm has passed and the sun shines again, 
illuminating the aftermath which is oh so pretty, 
but oh so difficult to wade through!

This was yesterday late afternoon,
all doom n'gloom with bitter winds
blowing tiny icy snowflakes in your eyes...

Hence the ostrich pose:

"What? It's winter makeup for bitches!"

Hard to remember that this table should be for
sammiches and ice cold drinks!

Thank goodness the skies are clear today!
First morning view from the front porch...

Vegas and Big Bertha, hard at work!

Kinda romantic if you don't look at all the work involved...

Snow suit? Check!
Gloves and goggles? Check!
The warrior salute? Check!

You've no idea how huge our driveway actually is
or how much snow really fell...
But maybe these pics help to visualize?

I'm not sure where Vegas is going here - 
Um, darling? 
That's the back yard?

He must have woken up at this point, LOL! :-D

Back on track!
Gotta make a path to the dog park
in the back of the house...

Meanwhile the dogs have no clue what to do 
with all this snow blocking their deck!

"Mom? Like, shovel it or something?"

Fathead shaking it, shaking it... 
I would totally shovel this deck if I could,
but my back will not allow it.
Nor will today's pounding headache.

So there you have it.

We didn't run out of power (thank goodness), 
nobody lacked for anything
and eventually this white crap will all melt.

In the meantime there is no grass to mow,
no gardens to weed, no poop to shovel -


8 comments: said...

i love the snowy mess, but you deff need a snow blower for your amounts up there! the lil one~two inches we may get, we can blow off with a leaf blower or rake!!! ha ha

hope your head ache is better...bless you...and your chickies and all are keeping warm. make you and your hubby something warm and good to warm the bones and take the chill off. cute puppy pics. looks like they love the snow!

Roshan said...

That's a lot of snow. I love dog pics in the snow. Makes me miss having a dog. But I love your two kiddies.

Adventures In China said...

Have you ever made snow cream? That snow would be perfect for it!

Stay warm chica!

Busy Bee Suz said...

"What? It's winter makeup for bitches!" Hilarious!
The snow looks really pretty. from her.
Aye yay yay. Vegas has his work cut out for him. I hope it melts soon and you can enjoy some warmth.
have a great weekend.

Anke said...

Holy mackerel, that's a lot of snow! I love the pictures of your babies (especially the ostrich one) playing in the snow.

Lady Banana said...

Now that is proper snow.. I want some!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So much snow!!! Love the dogs, what great shots. Love the head in the snow and on top of the picnic table. The sepia color shot is perfect, I love it.

ModernMom said...

Oh My Goodness! That first pic down the stairs...gorgeous!
And your pups diging through the snow on your deck! Fabulous:)