Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretend it's good for you, ok?

Vegas brought me back some loot from London.

I asked for fruit and vegetables but customs always confiscate those 
so this is what I got stuck with  :-D

One of the packs of Walker's Monster Munch is gone and I doubt the other one will sit around much longer - he he. The yorkies I can eek out for a while and the Hobnobs will get inhaled as soon as PMS hits. Watch out.

And yes, the HP sauce made in England does taste different than the one made here. For reals. Vegas puts "brown sauce" on everything except cake so he needs the Man Size bottle.

I snapped this before pic below an hour ago, the snow has just started to fall so let's see how much we do end up getting... they've softened the forecast a bit, thank the lordy, although it's coming down fast and furious right now. I'll take another photo tomorrow morning before Vegas takes out Big Bertha to clear the driveway.

I know you all love my obsession with the weather so really, I'm doing all of this for you guys. *grin*

Yes, it really is this gloomy!

OK time to get going on the laundry and accounting work... I'm making my famous veggie & cheese chowder for dinner tonight - famous with me, anyhow - and attempting to make my own cinnamon rolls. Don't laugh, the only kind I know are the Pillsbury ones from the blue tube and those are grim.

Wish me luck!

And yes, I will post pics ;-)

/end of Shoveling It post/

7 comments: said...

awww, dont let diane see your pictures of your loot, chris does her best to keep her in ENGLISH stuff, but well, getting it in the states is just not the same as you said. lol specially the HP sauce...she eats that a lot. and i know she likes the crisp bars. not sure about all the others. but she loves chocolate so i am pretty sure it would do.

i love your gloomy pic. and the snow. i know your sick of it. we should plan on trading places when we need warm/cold fixes. when it gets too hot here, i could go there, and when it gets too cold there, you could come here!! north carolina is normally hot by february and march. today it is raining but still in the 60's. yesterday it was 75!

well, you have a good weekend...sorry it isnt sunny and warm, but glad you are making the best of it. at least you got your honey home!! and some chocolate!! yeah!

prin said...

mmmmmm... yorkie.

ModernMom said...

I live a shelterd life. I had no idea London was keeping all those yummies for themselves! Yum!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What is HP sauce????
So happy you brought you back some good stuff.
Weather not as bad as predicted?? that is a bonus!!!!

Lady Banana said...

Haha.. makes me smile what you like from London!

You can send us some snow if you like, fair exchange?! lol

C said...

oooohhhhh these are life's little lovelies! diane has to have the HP sauce on her "bacon butties". we can get all of that here 'cept for the chips. they would sell big here so i dunno why they dunt carry dem.

suz, HP sauce is a yummy brown sauce that brits usually put on everything, kinda like heinze 57, but waaaaaay better. its fruity and sweet yet tangy too!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So much snow. The picture is lovely. Like your treats. So what is in that Yorkie bar?