Wednesday, February 2, 2011

!! Buried !!

Well I guess it's not news, half of North America is being pummeled with giant snow and ice storms today. I'd take photos but all you'd see is a white blur!

We canceled our trip to the city last night, thank goodness.

Horses are tucked in the barn for the day with the chickens, I moved the baby chicks to their condo in the barn this morning so everyone's cozy and happy. Well, I so I hope. They've got classical music, lights, plenty of food, treats, water and shelter from the raging storm outside - I wish all the creatures in the world were so lucky.

There's a pot of home-made chicken broth simmering on the stove (shhhh don't tell the flock, it's our dirty secret), bread dough is rising on the counter for tonight's french baguettes hot from the oven, to be slathered with garlic butter as we're having spaghetti with home-made sauce for dinner.

The house smells nice :-)

I just finished a hot mug o'tea as I wrote this.

Just glad to not be involved in the massive car pile-ups happening all over the highways today, it's terrible!

How are you faring today?

/end of Will Shovel Tomorrow post/


A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Can I come be a chicken on your farm? Pleeeease!

So glad you are safely tucked in for the storm... Sounds dreadful. Please be safe! Are you prepared for electricity issues? Flashlights? Candles? Wood? I'm worried about you!

Dinner sounds good (she says drooling). I'm impressed! Technodoll can cook! You go girl!

Farmer said...

yummy, what time is dinner? if i leave now, well, i will be late, will you hold dinner for me?

your animals sound like they are all nice and tucked in and sister said she was expecting about a foot or foot NE. we were supposed to get wild storms today. nothing yet, though my miraine told me we would. dont think it will be snow, but just rain. keep those babies warm....have a good rest of the week. enjoy your nice dinner too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It warms my heart that all your critters are warm and happy. :) You are a great farmer Mom!!!
Dinner sounds good....and I am sure you two will have a delightful evening all tucked into your sweet home.
Us? It was 80 degrees today. Bright sun. Felt a bit like summer, which is not good since our summer lasts soooooo long and is soooooo hot. Lo had her first game tonight and they won!!!

Kathryn said...

I've had just enough of the darn winter weather! I'm ready for spring to get here so little man and I can go exploring outside together and also so I don't have to worry about him getting sick. :o(

Faring? Eh, Missing little man.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well we had very bad Santa Ana winds. Trucks blew over on the freeways and trees are down. We are okay here at our house. Your family members have it so nice in the barn. Your dinner sounds delicious, hope your enjoyed it.
Have a nice weekend.

Roshan said...

All that food sounds so delicious. I can almost smell the house from here. Hmmmmm yum!