Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The post of a thousand photos

OK maybe not a thousand photos, but it sure felt like a lot!

I blame those of you who asked for pics of the weekend :-D

Blogger likes to fuzz up photos displayed in posts but if you click on them
to get a bigger view (details! yey!) then everything is crisp and clear.
Weird and annoying, but what can ya do?

At the end of a long stretch of road, 
you can see the two bridges announcing Quebec City:

I let myself into the house as nobody was home yet,
well except Maya the cat and my birthday gifts from last month :)

Maya was more interested in sniffing my stuff
than playing with her little stuffed mouse!

After Friday's dinner we all warmed up our tushies by the fire:

OK our feetsies too:

Saturday afternoon, my mom and I set out for some shopping in Old Quebec.
It was a dark and dreary day...
Old bridge on the left, new bridge on the right:

Choppy St-Lawrence river ice floes:

My mom likes to park miles from Old Quebec,
which means lots of walking on crappy sidewalks
and even more moaning and bitching (by me) - LOL!

Cool 2D metal sculptures by the river:

The details are amazing:
can you see the hawk on the tree?
The three human figures?

Carnaval time in the city means lots of tourists
and an advance taste of spring maple treats
(here, hot taffy being poured on snow):

We were going to have lunch here as the menu looked nice
but on our way back we just couldn't find the place again, LOL!

Quartier Champlain in full winter glory...

At the art gallery where my stepfather works
I fell in love with this gorgeous painting...
The light emanating from this piece was just incredible!
Ah, to have the money...

Isn't it just lovely in there?

Showing off "my" painting :-)


A riot of colors -
In the foreground, a dragon...

Trudging back in the winter sh*t -
Yeah, cobblestones covered with soapy snow = uggh!

The famous "Funiculaire" that takes you up to Château Frontenac -
or not, if you don't take it!

Tacky tourist trade, LOL!

Another way to get up to Château Frontenac up on the hill,
if one is so inclined.
After these stairs there are about another million more,
hence the popularity of the Funiculaire!

We had a bite to eat at the Cochon Dingue -
In the foreground, a tourist showing extremism:
trapper fur hat, Carnaval tooter horn
and sucking on maple taffy!

I like this place :)

My mom treated me to their awesome French Onion Soup -
mmmm it really hit the spot!

More ice floes on the way back to the car:

We had the cold wind in our face but somehow the walk seemed shorter,
perhaps it was because we laughed so darn much!!
Yeah, my mom and I get crazy sometimes:

This is the only sun we saw on Saturday -
can you see it?
Hiding there behind the tree?

Sunday morning, miss Maya-style...

This is why she coughs up lots of fur balls, LOL!

Pretty miss vanilla-chocolate chin :-)

Cat OCD!

My mom showed me how to make her famous orange marmalade,
I documented the process just to be sure!
Here the finished yummies go into the boiling hot sterilized jars:

I brought a jar home, oh bliss :-)

The End!


Anke said...

It looks as if you had a great time with your Mom. The town looks amazing, what a wonderful place to live and visit.

Keri said...

Great pics! Looks like it was a wonderful time... other than all the snow. And those jars of marmalade look yummy too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I loved all the photos...next time double them!!!
I can't believe all the snow...and everything looked SO cold.
Those horse sculptures are tres cool. Loved YOUR painting too...the colors jumped off the canvas.
Maya the cat? She is very unusual looking. I wonder if she realizes this? Glad you and Mom had a nice visit. It is good for your soul.
Have a great day!

prin said...

I love them. :) Especially the bridges. And that kitty is adorable.

(And I'm secretly hoping you bought me a moose license plate.)

ModernMom said...

Oh but the pictures are fabulous! I have not been into Quebec since I was 14?? It is so beautiful! (oh and love the kitty pictures too)

Adventures In China said...

Oh my goodness, I have GOT to get to Quebec City before I die. I just do. What a beautiful place. So jealous of your trip!! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

I have a new bridge on my list of dream places to photograph. Yay!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your trip was awesome. I don't what to comment on, I love all the pictures. It looks so quaint and beautiful. That art gallery, OMG, the pictures are gorgeous. I am so glad you got to go and have such a wonderful time.

Lady Banana said...

Fantastic photos! How I'd love to go there!