Friday, February 18, 2011

All over the place

Everything's melting!

The rains started last night and ended around lunchtime, then came the blue skies and super warm sun (12C, w-t-hey!) and then nice winds to dry everything up. I can see bits of lawn and our driveway gravel for the first time since early December, what a thrill!

Of course the snows move in again tonight so everything goes back to status quo (deep freezing winter and lots of more snow) but it was still so very nice to get a little break in the middle of February.

I'm almost rejuvenated :-D

OK that's enough about the weather.

I have a new fetish, the Bashkir Curly (or simply, Curly Horse). Am dying to pet one to see if they're as soft as they look! Plus they're hypoallergenic so that's a nice bonus. I wonder if anyone breeds them around here?
Curly cutie!

Vegas laughed at my bread the other day.
Said the loaves looked like slippers.
They were still tasty though :)

My friend N arrives tonight, can't wait to see her! It'll be a short girls' weekend but it's better than nothing. On the menu: midnight pancakes and then tomorrow chinese food. Possibly some scrabble games although she always beats my ass. I don't mind though :)

Five more days until Vegas comes home, he's promised to bring back loads of English loot (read: awesome junk food not available here) but it doesn't make me miss him any less.

Le Sigh.

So a few of my favorite bloggers have taken a hiatus (some permanent) from the blogosphere, which makes me quite sad. Almost like losing a friend. Boo.

Am taking recommendations for new blogs to read so please pass along some of your special ones, those you just could not do without!

On a parting note,
this sums up what I think about hunting
and the idiots who practice this barbaric "sport":

Have a great weekend!


prin said...

You know, nothing is hypoallergenic. Some animals are allergic to their own skin...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love that cartoon. SUper LOVE that curly horse...i have never seen anything like it.
I really like slipper rolls. :)
Sorry about more snow. Oy, it is mid February. Right?

Have you read Sandra? She is hilarious. Super duper funny and self deprecating, and Canadian???

Tis all I have.
Enjoy your girls weekend!!!

Anke said...

I have never ever seen a horse like that before, what a beauty! Your bread looks good, I bet it was delicious.
Have fun with your friend and enjoy your weekend!

Lady Banana said...

Never seen a curly horse before!

I'm interested in what Vegas brings you.. what do we have that's so good that you don't?

C said...

love the cartoon and it's very fitting. i also hate anything to do with hunting and cringe and pray whenever i hear guys bragging bout their kill or looking forward to going. bastards. all of them.

cute curly horse too, never evar seen that before...

glad you are having a girls nite in, have fun mon amie, and FYI i am feeling better all the time. did u get me email about my experience?

C said...

btw, check this blog out, its food for the soul..

C said...

sorry, and this one too...


Sian said...

Im sorry, but that horse looks like it is sporting a serious case of mould.
Really, it does.
Sorry to point that out an' all...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nice to hear that you saw some green grass! Hope you had a great time with your friend. The horse looks fascinating.