Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mrs Sandman, that's me

I forgot to share some good news with you last week:

The vet came by and re-measured Big Daddy and it looks like he's gaining an average of 20 to 25 lbs a week! At this rate he'll be looking superb by next spring, yey! And probably feeling a lot better in mind, spirit and body, too.

He loves his mommy, aka "endless treat machine" ;-)

Pretty soon he'll be frisking my pockets for carrots and apples!

Poor guy's been suffering pretty bad haircuts lately, oops. First the dreadlocks that we had to snip off last July, then burrs that were hopelessly tangled in his mane and today I cut his fringe (bangs) as they were just hanging in his eyes all the time. Um. The hack job isn't too great but at least his mane is brushable and manageable now... Sort of.

I may have to resort to braids at some point.

Nothing much to report besides extreme fatigue, I feel hollowed out from exhaustion.

Totally my fault.

I overdid it today, silly me.

Our load of hay showed up at 10:30am this morning so we had to unload that, then re-arrange all the bales in the top level of the barn to help insulate against the cold.  I don't know how much a bale of hay weighs but it's a lot! Ow.

Then! It was finally sunny so I cleaned out two of the three chicken coops, fresh bedding was long overdue - poor chooks! Mucked out Big Daddy's stall (three times during the day), spent an hour grooming him and treated his soft cracked hooves with some new strengthening product I bought. Caught an awesome sale at the equine store this afternoon so got some grooming equipment and awesome wellies (for me) - I'll have to post a pic!

Hint: peacocks and lace ;-)

Took the doggies for a walk on the mountain - yes, they behaved and mommy kept a very close eye on them! - and had lunch with Vegas at our local diner.

That's just a glimpse of what went on here today, I won't bore you with much more but suffice to say I am beyond drained. I'll either pass out in a bit or lay awake all night too tired to sleep!

Better not, grrr.

On that note, a fly woke Vegas up at 2am last night so of course he couldn't sleep so it woke me up.


Gotta love married life :-D

/end of Are You Feeling It! post/


Vegas said...

It was a very noisy fly.

Frank said...

So, is it weird that I'm, like, terrified of horses? I've only ridden them a few times in my life, and every time I go near one, I get anxious and break out in hives.

God, I'm such a city boy.

Adventures In China said...

You are like Laura Ingalls Wilder! Eating at a diner sounds very cute and cozy.

A fly in my room kept waking me up, I feel his pain. And yours. But that is kinda funny, too.

Tomorrow you should have a rest. :)

prin said...

Where's the video of head rubbies? I want rubbies again! :D

Is there a "man cold" version of being woken up by a fly that us wimmins don't understand?

Anke said...

How many hours does your day have? You are a very busy woman!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So happy for Big Daddy, he looks great. I can't believe all that you accomplish in one day!!! I get tired just reading about it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

**shoo fly**
Big daddy is looking great, and I noticed his mane before you even wrote about it.
How about dreds??? He such a sweetie!!!
Take it easy woman...if you do all your work in one day, what will you do the next?
haha. I know that story too...

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Big Daddy, I love you!