Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life at the Technofarm!

Yesterday our contractor came over to take the rest of the tree down and haul off the huge trunk bits and branches... Thank goodness he was there because calling professionals costs a fortune (minimum $600 and they don't remove anything from your property, that's extra!! it cost us $100 for the work, whew).

Bye-bye beautiful tree... sniff :(

I couldn't get all its height on the camera
but you get the idea!

Vegas spent a couple of hours hauling the debris to the ditches, branch by heavy branch... I helped a bit but most of my work is today, we just finished clearing up most of the mess and are now raking up leaves and smaller bits. A lot of bits.

So weird now to have a giant empty spot where the tree used to be.

Feels nekkid :-o

There is so much more light coming into the house now, all's well that ends well I guess. Next spring we'll make a rock garden out of that patch, there are wild rose bushes and lilac trees there so I imagine it'll be quite pretty.

Speaking of light! Looks like the month-long grey rainy weather is finally over, wooooo! The sun is out bright and warm and it's supposed to be like this for most of the week - bliss!

Hopefully the land will dry out so we can give it a good mow before winter... once the John Deere is fixed. It's been over six weeks. A-hem.

I'll leave you with a little update on Big Daddy, he's plumping up nicely with pastured grazing, fresh air and exercise - I'm so proud of our big boy! Such a giant goof too... Here he is following his "auntie" around, she owns Black (the other horse) and Big Daddy knows her pockets are always full of treats!

Mister Stomach McHungry:

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Seeing the tree get cut up hurt my heart!!! Poor tree. :)
Big Daddy is so pretty...and healthy and happy. I love that!!

C said...

awwww BD is looking wonderful. how i would love to meet him..

it has rained since i have been here at jo's except for 1/2 day yesterday. but its supposed to be sunny and hot monday/tuesday. yeah, we'll see.

i havent been posting but i have alot to post when i do.. i'm on vay cay, ya know... heehee

take care.. mon amie.

C said...


your pictures are so beautiful! i love the fall foliage... we had it gorgous like that in malone when i was growing up... in nebraska there is a slight version but nebver as beautiful as the northeast. and here in NC at jo's, blahhhh all green to darker green as things die off...

Adventures In China said...

I love rock gardens, I'm sure it will look lovely. Glad the tree was taken care of with no injuries, that's a big job!

Also, maybe I should have been a tree remover! I had no idea it cost that much.

Yay for Big Daddy's improving health!

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

I think your 'tree replacement' plans will be just beautiful...

Big Daddy is a-maz-ing! Am so glad he found a loving and caring home with you and Vegas. Lucky boy! You've done a wonderful job with his recovery - maybe another Big Daddy in your future????


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a great savings on getting that tree down. Your plans for that area sound lovely. Big Daddy is looking so good. That is what love does. My weekend was great!