Friday, October 8, 2010

Handing out the smiles today, just because :)

We had a round of heavy rumbling thunder yesterday afternoon, it was quite something to run errands under black dry clouds and lightening :-o

So I wasn't home to witness the silliness...
Vegas sent me this from his iPhone:

Innocent enough until you notice Maika's on the couch in Vegas' office, a room she never wanders into unless called in... and our dogs just don't get up on furniture, they prefer the floor or their beds. Good doggies. So for her to wander in there and crawl up on the couch like that was pretty hilarious, worthy of a photo and a story!

Ah thunder, you evil bastid.

I' m off to fetch 21 glass panes for the barn windows today... and then I have to install the darn things, one piece at a time. Big job but I'll be happy once it's all done.

I made chocolate cake at 8pm last night.

It was very tasty :-D

I case you think I'm a bit ADD-ish, yes you might be right. My daily routine inclues a few rounds of Spider Solitaire on the laptop while listening/watching this brilliant little piece just for the smile of it:

Watch it and see if you don't crack a giggle!

Told ya so!

Off to do some laundry now, something about having clean underwear for the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend or sumtin. Not that we'd murder a turkey for a date on the calendar or anything. We'll stick to veggies and pasta with cheeeeeeese please!

PS: have you voted on the poll yet?

/end of Have A Great Weekend Y'all! post/


Lou said...

I'm exhausted after that! Brilliant, just what I needed. Off to hunt the eggs and collect the sproglets... happy w/e. xx

ModernMom said...

ok Wait! You made cake at 8pm last night? You are my kind of girl!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Rain, rain go away..............
It will be awesome when the windows are all finished. Maika just had to sneak in there, so darn cute. That video is awesome.
You find the most unusual things.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Nothing like late night chocolate cake...

Twenty-one panes of glass? Yikes-a-momma! That is a ton of work! But, I know you can get the job done!

Maika looked so cute!


Busy Bee Suz said...

i DO love that video. So cute.
My dogs are sissies too with the weather....big babies they are. Gotta love that.

prin said...

Why spider solitaire? Whyyy? :D

<3 Maika.

Roshan said...

Making cake at 8pm? U r the perfect wife!
Maika looks like a big ole scaredy cat who took her rump over to daddy so she won't be too frightened!
And the video is hilarious!!