Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've talked a lot about bits and bobs lately (many of you get tired just reading my posts full of farm work, LOL) so consider this a well-deserved break - you can thank me later :-D

The pics were taken quickly with no artistic inclination in mind (using my new little point-and-shoot camera) and that's the way I wanted it. So. You ready?

First, the stacked hay in the stable's upper floor -
there are some 375 bales spread around to help with insulation
(until the horses eat it all this winter!)

The view of our house from the driveway
now that the giant tree is gone:

(with the giant tree, pic taken last summer)

My new wellies (rubber boots) that I got yesterday from the equine shop -
they could be used for riding but I'm keeping these for girly-girl stuff!
Got them at 25% off, woo!

Some of the hen fruit gathered today
(and yes I need a proper egg basket...):

Lazy dog #1:

Lazy dog #2 - yes, this is how they spend most of their day
unless I force them to spend some time outside on the deck!

Same goes for Vegas :-D

Me, well I just entertain myself
(should I make nana muffins or cake with these?)

View of the cluttered kitchen window above the sink:

Um, that's all for now...

Back to your regularly scheduled programs! :-D


Vegas said...

banana hat and expression = win

prin said...

Matching blue shirts. Aw.

JeanMarie said...

Love the banana hat and your silly face!
Everytime I think our house is obscenely large I will look at the picture of your house for solace. Love the Beanie pix - we need more!!!!!

Christine said...

You have the same red pots as I do! I vote for the nana cake, muffins are so literally, I made some....:)

Christine said...

You have the same red pots as I do! I vote for the nana cake, muffins are so literally, I made some....:)

Anonymous said...

I am finally catching up with "Bubblegum" I LOVE your pix Nick!!! Love your banana hat and wellies, puppy pix and Big Daddy. I promise not to fall behind the way I have done so recently xooxoxoxo

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have peppers growing in your kitchen!!!! Cool.
No one rocks banana hair like you do.
Love this post...just a glimpse of TD life...nice.
The lil' camera is doing just great!

Candice said...

Your house is HUGE!! Really beautiful.

Your banana hair rocks :P

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Oh my goodness - the pictures were wonderful to see!

You rock, woman! You've done a fabulous job on the barn and all that hay! Six bales fills up my little shed. Amazing!

I'm thinking make the bananas into a hat - they looked good on you!

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Really, there are inspiring! Keep up your awesome-ness!


Anonymous said...

Adorable boots!

Adventures In China said...

Love the boots! So cute.

Your house is lovely. I want to take a nap on those bales of hay-- they look comfy. My standards are very low these days. :)

Adventures In China said...

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you for the tour with pictures. Lovely barn. Love the boots, eggs, dogs, Vegas, house and you with the bananas!

Katie said...

Love, love, love the wellies and the porcelin chickens. You are just awesome. I can only imagine the smell of the hay--delicious.

Lady Banana said...

Love those wellies and your cool use of bananas ;)

Roshan said...

Banana lady wins best photo award!!!