Friday, October 15, 2010

Well this is harder than I thought! :-o

Wow, I should have asked for harder questions because your simple ones turned my brain into a cheese pretzel! I did my best but if my answers don't make sense blame it on Anchorman, which is what was on the TV while I was trying to type this post -

Anchorman rocks :-D

So, here we go:

Anke from Our Little Piece Of Heaven asks " How did you get started with the chickens and the rest of the "farm"? Was that something you always wanted, or did that come with time?"
I had never thought of owning chickens until we bought this place last year - the former owner had chickens and assured me it was easy as pie... the coop and run were all set up... and the thought of having our own fresh eggs every day was irresistible! So I got 7 chooks last July... and now we have about 55 - each with their own name and personality! Total addiction and life-long hobby now, I tell you :-) 

Farmer from Rose Hill Farms asks "Do you plan on adding any more animals to your farm (other than Big Daddy and the chooks)? What's your dream barnyard?"
Oh, to have the space, money and TIME! I would love to add a couple of emus... some exotic birds... a few goats...  a couple more horses... *dreams*

Jo.Irish.Rose from Me Lil Irish Thots asks "did you grow up where you are or are you originally from another area of canada? and where? do you eat any of your farm critters?"
I was actually born in the town where we currently live but had never lived here until we bought this place last year! My grandparents spent most of their life here though so in a way it already was sort of "home" since I visited them often. I grew up not too far from here (a few hours at most) so yep, my roots run deep. And no, I would never, ever eat any of my pets - all our farm critters have names and are part of the family!

Prin from Living Life To The Furrest asks "What are the top four best parts to being married?"
I only can answer four? Awe! In no particular order, marriage offers a sense of stability that dating doesn't... you don't just quit when something goes wrong, you work at it because this is for real and you have a commitment to make it through the rough bits. Not that there are many when you marry the right person ;-) Security (emotional, physical, financial, etc), companionship and being a team with your best friend also rank highly up there.Living together becomes a fine-tuned dance where the music just rocks you to happiness - wow, is that corny or what? LOL!

Keri from Keri's Korner asks "What is your favorite color?"
Another hard question! Because it depends on my mood... I love wearing black but not in the summer, I love green but mostly outside, baby blue is also a favorite as are creams, earth tones and pink... Impossible to choose just one!

Debby from Just Breathe asks "I was wondering if you use all the eggs up that you get, how many do you sell?"
That's an easy one... I sell about 95% of the eggs laid by our girls to help offset the cost of their food, bedding and care... We keep the cracked and weirdly shaped ones for ourselves and the dogs, if they're lucky - LOL! At some point the girls will lay more eggs than I can sell in a week (hopefully) so at that point we'll get to eat more eggs: yay!

Lady Banana from Lady Banana and Busy Bee Suz from Day By Day both ask "How did you meet your lovely Vegas?"
Hah! I didn't think he was so lovely at first, imagine! We worked for the same company, me here at HQ and he in the London branch. There was a big meeting/workshop one summer and everyone flew in, I don't remember him much at all (to his dismay) but apparently I caught his eye :-D We bumped into each at a tradeshow in California a year later and I quite liked him until he started drinking and acting like an ass, so that went nowhere. We did become good online friends afterwards though, both going through difficult times - we then met again at another CA tradeshow and he eventually wore me down to loving him... and the rest is history! At least that's my interpretation :-D

Sian from Wales asks "Yes, I want to know how you met Vegas too! And I want to know if Vegas was a LARPer."
Well, I answered the question about Vegas above and yes, he used to be a LARPer a while ago, during his dark years... thankfully he got out of it and is living a happy and normal life now, LOL! (it wasn't the healthy kind of LARP)

I managed to finish this post with my morning coffee, battling a raging headach while the storms punch the house and shred the trees while drenching the land. Yeah, this is going to be a couch-surfing day I'm afraid...

Happy Friday!

/end of Now You Know post/


Debby@Just Breathe said...

This was fun! What is a LARP?
Have fun couch-surfing today and hope your headache goes away.

Lady Banana said...

I've come to ask the same as Debby, what's a LARP?

Vegas said...

Technodoll said...

Live Action Role Player... in case Vegas' video wasn't clear, LOL!

ModernMom said...

Oh I love this post! For some reason I had pictured you owning your chickens forever. Weird right?
Wonderful to learn more about you.

C said...


ok, if you choose to answer, cuz i know its late but i've been on vay cay ya know... :)

ok, here she is...

how did you get started loving akitas and do you like other breeds too? oh, and r they from the same litter? oh, and how old r they.. oh, and do they sleep with you and the hubsters?

merci, mon amie.

Adventures In China said...

So interesting! Your life is a good movie. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this!!!
Thanks for the answers.