Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday drivel

Well, the ads for Big Daddy have been posted and the rescue organization he belongs to is also looking for a new home for him... I have faith in fate and I know things will happen as they should, there is no point in worrying. We have been a good foster home for this sweet boy and can offer valuable insight on his temperament for his future family, we just reached a point where we can no longer give him the structure he needs to continue his rehabilitation.

All things for a reason, even if it saddens me.

We're neck deep in True Blood these days (no pun intended), going on Season 2 tonight. We dole out the episodes so we can enjoy a few weeks of awesome instead of just plowing through everything in one weekend, which would have been too easy to do... that show is the bomb!

Soon we can sink our teeth into the last seasons of House, Glee and Mad Men - you know, that terrible show you hate to love as it's so... um.. this?

Do any of you crave unholy foods this time of year? Mashed taters with gravy and roast, thick chowders with fresh bread, warm moist cakes and lots of hot chocolate? Or is it just me stuck between two seasons with not much to do except putter around in the kitchen (and in my head)? I don't want to get fat but man, I'm hungry. Merrr.

I need some dry weather so I can get busy outside and quit sabotaging our attempts to stay trim and fit.

Right, Vegas? ;-)

No poisoned coffee - I have the BEST husband in the world!

/end of Cravings post/


Foothills Poultry said...

We had roost on Sunday, but the taters were chunked and baked in the juices of the roost with baby carrots, and chunked onions. That meant that yesterday the leftovers were made into a big pot of soup/stew with some green beans, corn, and canned maters added in and simmered. That with fried cornbread made up a hearty southern supper.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It will be okay and you have done so much for Big Daddy. Yes I do think of eating all those delicious item, especially this time of year. Sounds like your really enjoying True Blood. I do love Glee. My son and his girlfriend love Mad Men. Hope things dry out for you soon.

ModernMom said...

OK So you named some of my fave shows here! Glee, House and I have never watched True Blood. Looks like I better check it out!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I feel positive that BD will find a good home.
Must look into true blood. I enjoy vampires. :)
Love Glee and Mad men too, they rock my socks.
bad food? cooking taters, eggs and sausage now...with a side of bagels. egads.