Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sad news, but not really

This has not been an easy decision to take, so no judging please.

We've decided that the best thing for Big Daddy and for us would be to have him re-homed with a family that has more horses and training knowledge/facilities.

BD is turning into a bully with his stable mate, Black - biting him on the back for no reason, blocking his access to the shelter when it rains, blocking him from food. He took on the role of alpha in a pack of two when his natural state is to be a follower in a pack of many and it's causing everyone stress.

He's getting too big for his box in the stable and hates being stuck in there when the weather is bad - I cannot fanthom getting through the winter like this as we cannot keep rebuilding things he accidentally destroys with his giant size :-(

But mostly, he will need a lot of work with a professional trainer to break him of his fears - months of intensive work with someone who knows how to deal with these things. He's a gentle soul who is too scarred, too messed up for the likes of this novice horse owner... I wouldn't be able to ride him for another year, if ever. And I see broken bones (mine) in the process.

He's too much horse for me :-(

As he was my very first, I didn't know anything about this at the time - all I knew was that this sweetheart needed a home and fast. It all got done in a day, the immediate focus being on his health and well-being. And get well he did! He's gained a good 400 lbs since his arrival here almost four months ago and as you all know, his life has been nothing but sweet here.

I'll make sure he goes to a good home who will know how to work him and give him a proper, balanced life. In return we are looking to adopt another gelding, a smaller and older one who's been ridden before and will better fit into our life here.

Please wish us luck cuz this ain't easy :-/

9 comments: said...

oh im sooo sorry you have to do this. i had the same problem, only with doggies. i had four dachshunds at one time. i rescued 3 of them. two males and two females. the males became dominant for the alpha position in the pack. so i had to re-adapt them out. they went to good homes, but i had them each over 2 years, and i loved them so much. the girls missed them terribly. but they just couldn't be trusted around kids, or other doggies. it hurts to know you tried and couldn't provide for them.

he will do so much better with one on one care. he will thrive. i know my two did. i was in contact with them for awhile. just to make sure they adapted. and big daddy will too. he is a sweet boy, and you were so good to take him in when he needed a place. God bless you for taking care of him.

Anke said...

I am so sorry you had to make this decision. (Just reading your blog these last few month showed how much you cared for Big Daddy.) Surely it was a difficult one, but definitely made for all the right reasons. Good luck finding him a new home soon!

Anonymous said...

You gave him a second chance, you saved him TD and gave him life. I'm sure it was a hard decision but you are doing what is best for all of you and I am certain you will find the best horsie home for Big Daddy. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is very sad but I totally understand. You did a great thing for him by bringing him in when he needed you. ((HUGS))

Adventures In China said...

Good luck! You are a great foster mama to him, now is the time for him to find his permanent family. When he needed you, you were there. And now you'll help him on the rest of his journey. You are awesome!

Foothills Poultry said...

You loved him, fed him, and took fantastic care of him. That is more then alot get in this world. Knowing what is too much for you is not only very good for you but is best for the big guy.


Busy Bee Suz said...

The hardest choices in life are the most important ones. This is necessary and he will be better for it in the long run. Right???
You did great work with him...he is lucky you guys were there to get him back to good health.
I am rethinking my visit with you...I can't afford to gain 400lbs.

ModernMom said...

No judgey here! I think sending him to a home where you think he could be happier is a true gift.
Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the hard decision you have to make. Big Daddy could not have had a better foster parent than you!! Things will work out & he will be with his forever family soon, but I'm sure he will never forget you, the great care, affection & love you gave him.
Best of luck to you! xoxox <3