Thursday, November 4, 2010

I forgot a title but it doesn't matter

Glorious sun!

Somehow, farm work is so much more pleasant under a warm yellow canopy, ah. I hope today's rains don't come until laaaate... So tired of the rain. Walking on the lawn = squish squish squish, I mean is that really necessary?

Bah, it'll all be frozen soon enough.

If you haven't checked out the good news I posted in The Chicken Diaries, well, do have a look-see!

So! Encouraging!

Still plowing ahead on that project until it's all done, then when the snow comes and stays on the ground I can move everyone in and voilà, a sort of freedom for me (even if sad for the chooks to be emprisoned for 5 long months...).

Last night's home-made guacamole made my mouth taste like cat tootsie rolls this morning.

In other news, we have no cats so that's a relief.

Off to run errands now, the chooks need food and I need paint for the inside of the barn, Vegas is out of milk (mmmm strong bones for the growing boy! LOL) and me, well, I'll just steer clear of the discounted candy and all will be fine.

I promise.

PS: Better late than never, we just discovered True Blood and are making our way through Season 1 - what a crazy show! Love it!

/end of Quick Catch-Up post/


Keri said...

Its been rainy for the past couple of days here as well. So today, I wore my bright yellow sweater to bring just a little bit of yellow to the office.... It's cheered up a couple of people.

Have fun with the farm work!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It is rainy here today too....not so bad, though I hope your sunshine lasts allllll day.

I love guacamole. I ate it for breakfast. So when does the cat tootsie roll taste hit me? gag.

Have a great day!!!

Adventures In China said...

I never knew guac could do that, heehee. Phew you know it wasn't cats leaving you a midnight surprise!

I bet your farm is just gorgeous with snow everywhere. said...

i soooo wish it was cold here. we still have 65-70 degree weather. i will trade you?

i also wish i lived on a farm. not for all the work, BLAH! just the way it feels so homey and cozy. and lots of home made stuffs. and i love barns! don't know why, i always did. maybe for the hayloft? lol

well, enjoy your sunshine and hope it lasts. we have gloomy yucky today. have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes, the sun makes everything better, especially in the Fall when it isn't baking you. Hope you got all your errands done. I didn't even go into any stores because I could never steer clear of the discounted candy! Have a wonderful evening.