Monday, November 22, 2010

Jack is home!

I can finally blog about Jack, the wonderful new addition to our growing family!

He came home last night, travelled like the seasoned pro that he is, and settled right in his stall like he'd always been there. Awe! He set his nose in the hay basket and got to work, he was hungry as he was being bullied away from food by other horses in his former home - well he sure hit the jackpot here in terms of food, just ask Big Daddy ;-)

Jack is a 25 year old paint horse (yes, you read that right: 25!!), but he's a young senior at heart. He's 14.3hh so quite small, which is perfect for me - he is super calm and gentle but saddle him up and he's full of fire, he loves working!

Here he is a month ago with his former family,
he has a thick bear-like winter coat now:

Happy Jack enjoying a spa session... LOL

Oh, I just adore him already!!

He will mostly be retired here, spending his days grazing in the fields, enjoying fresh air and plenty of cuddles, grooming, treats and the best possible nutrition - of course he will need regular exercise to keep him in shape, which means I finally get to ride! Hurrah!

My friend, who owns the other horse here (Black, the 18 year old standardbred), says she will need to work him a bit first as he is quite frisky and isn't easy to "brake", he gets a rush of youthful energy when he gets to ride, so funny - some horses are like that though, they age very well and love to have a job. Some others are dead lazy or lame at a young age so it really depends on the horse.

Of course he will need special care for his aging digestive system and joints but we're well equipped to do that. His heart and lungs are fine, so are his sight and hearing, hooves and teeth, no visible signs of arthritis yet, he has strong bones - he is just a bit thin right now and will need a month or so on special food to put some weight back on him.

Big Daddy is still waiting for his new foster family (or permanent home...) but he should be leaving this week, if all goes well.

He is now sequestered outside as we only have two stalls in our barn and the "grandpas" are in there for now, but that's OK as he doesn't like being inside anyways... He has a huge shelter, his own food, water and salt block and tons of land to roam in so I hope he'll hold out for a few days. I feel so bad for that big boy... He is living with so many mental scars, it will take a very qualified person to rehabilitate him emotionally. At lease we helped him physically the past four months.

Well, that's all for now...

Been awake since 6:30am, couldn't sleep, it's been a week my stupid brain won't shut off which gives me stomachaches - grrr. Ah well, at least it got me up early enough this morning to see the sunrise.


It's grey with freezing rain today :-D

Time to head to the barn and see my new baby... I don't care how old he is, he will always be my baby. I hope he lives a long, peaceful life out here with us on the technofarm.

Pics to come as soon as the weather cooperates!

/end of Happy New Rainy Week post/


ModernMom said...

Oh he is a beauty! Everything sounds fabulous! Oh except for the grey freezing rain. Enough already right? said...

what a fine looking baby you have there! i would love to own a horse, my FIL had one about 7-8 years ago. whenever we would come visit, we would go out to the stable where he was and it would be such a fun day, feeding, brushing and just loving on him. i envy you, with your farm and all your babies. chickies and doggies and horsies, OH MY! lol

wish we had gloomy, rainy days. today it will climb up to 75-79! can u believe that mess? geez, when we cook thanksgiving, i will be working up a lather!! well, i've whined enough about the weather.

hope all is well up there, and congrats on your new baby boy. my doxie will be 11 in january...i love seniors...they are sooo mellow. and they love attention.

have a great week. God bless you!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is beautiful. I know he will enjoy his life with you. He's going to love his mama! Enjoy!

Busy Bee Suz said...

He is beautiful....he will have such fun with you. And vice versa.
I hope BD loves his new place too.

Lou said...

Good luck to BD - you've done him proud.


Adventures In China said...

Congrats on your new baby! He sounds like my kind of horse. Oh,the fun times you'll have!

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Welcome, Jack!

Jack is amazingly beautiful! Paint horses are just so stunning! Boy, is he ever a lucky boy falling into your hands!

Try to stay out of the weather if possible. Sounds cold! I was complaining of our 50 degrees but then I see other places are so much colder!

Congratulations on expanding your family!


Roshan said...

What a nice horse. I wish I could keep a horse, a dog and a cat! Oh plus a turtle.