Saturday, November 27, 2010

Never boring at the techno-farm


It's snowing fast n'furious this morning, a real blizzard! We're already ankle-deep, scary mary. The horses don't seem to mind too much, not one single chicken dared to venture outside yet ("what the hell is this white stuff? noooOOooOOOoo! i gonna die!) and the dogs are busy being lazy in the house so really, the only ones who care are us.

I care that it will all melt in a couple of days since we're getting nice warmish weather again.


Mud notwithstanding.

Jack gave us a good scare Thursday evening, I tell you it wasn't a pleasant few hours for anybody. The shitty thing is that it was preventable, had I known about this condition in the first place:

Equine Choke, from Wikipedia:

Choke is a condition in horses in which the esophagus is blocked, usually by food material. Although the horse is still able to breathe, it is unable to swallow, and may become severely dehydrated. A secondary condition, aspiration pneumonia, may also develop if food material and saliva accumulate in the pharynx, spilling into the trachea and into the lungs. Choke is one of the "top 10" emergencies received by equine veterinarians.

So yeah, I had to call the vet for an after-hours  emergency call - at Jack's age you don't mess around with these things, he had suffered for 3 hours and it just wasn't passing, enough was enough. In a nutshell he had been out all day, was very hungry, came in his stall and inhaled his grain which I had not wetted enough, it got stuck in his throat and there you go.

Did you know that horses "vomit" through their nose?

Yeah, me neither.


The vet had to give him a muscle relaxant IV shot and then a sedative, 30 minutes later we intubated him (like a garden hose through the nostril down the esophagus) and flushed out the obstruction, pumped his tummy full of water as he was dehydrated. He was started on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia and given anti-inflammatory meds for his throat.

I am now a pro at intramuscular shots in Jack's butt, LOL!

14 days of meds... my poor baby.

The one good thing that came out of this mess is that my vet examined his teeth and guess what, they are in bad shape and need a good floating.


I'm pissed because Jack's teeth were supposedly examined by another vet last week (before we brought him home) and I was told they were fine, no need for any floating. That was a very irresponsible and dangerous assumption to go on since bad teeth, specially at Jack's age, are a prime cause for fatal colic, not to mention poorly-chewed food isn't digested very well and this old man needs all the nutrition he can get.

He's scheduled for Monday morning.

Lesson learned... Never rely on others and get your own vet in for a thorough examination when you bring a new pet home, for everyone's sake.

I'm just glad ol'Cadillac Jack is OK (knock on wood).

It's snowing and blowing so hard right now, it's as if the house was wrapped in a white cotton blanket. I'm glad we're not going anywhere today even if we have winter tires on the car - many people still don't and that's scary. Yeah.

I might have to bake some cookies this afternoon, get into the spirit of winter... It's too early to haul out the Christmas tree but we can still drink hot chocolate after a play in the snow, right?

Right :-)

/end of Merry Winter post/


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I bet it looks beautiful outside.
So sorry about Jack, poor guy. I am glad he is okay now and pray he continues to stay well. Stay warm and cozy.

Adventures In China said...

Good thoughts to Jack! And Techno! Hope you have lots of hot chocolate on hand. Your snow sounds beautiful, but that is because I am very far away and don't have to drive in it, I am sure. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The snow and coolness sound great to me. My girls were laying out by the pool today in bikini's sunning...go figure.
So sorry about Jack. Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how scared you were...poor baby.
Glad all is well now, and will be better after his teeth are taken care of. It never ends with you guys does it???
take care and stay warm. said...

OH MY GOSH! poor lil guy! i am usually sick over my animals getting sick. even just trimming nails and i might get a lil too close, they yelp...and i have to quit at that point. it just makes me hurt all over when my babies are hurt. animals and human ones alike. hope he is on the mend now.

i would love to have your blizzard...could you send me some down NC way? pweeeese? and thank you! lol

btw, what is "floating" mean with their teeth?? never heard of that.

well take care and stay warm and bundled up! no sick peeps up your way. have a great weekend!

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Oh nooooo! Jacky-Boy! Poor Jack. Our TV used to do the same thing - inhale her grains... Comes from being underfed and bullied by bigger horses... Poor Jack doesn't yet understand that he is safe. He'll stop gobbling (our TV did, but it took her months).

Next, sorry about the need for the vet. I know they can be costly. Hang in there... I have a feeling Jack is going to pay you back tenfold. He's going to make you a mighty fine horse - I can see the goodness in his eyes.

Your weather sure does look cold. Brrrrr. Can't say that I blame the chickens.

Hot cocoa sounds good - I'm going to go make myself a cup right now!


C said...

im so sorry about CJ. i love that name cadillac jack! sooooo french and cute! heehee

i am so glad he is with you anick to be so well taken care of. i hate it so bad when people mistreat their babies... he is so handsome, too. i love to ride, you will enjoy it i am sure. give him a coddle pour moi, n'est pas? merci mon amie...


i always LERVE the first blizzard... and to make it cozy by having a delish aroma cooking makes it perfect.

Anke said...

That poor guy... it never ends when you have pets, does it? I'm glad he's ok now and the vet found out about his teeth, too. Now I just don't know what "floating his teeth" means.
No snow here, but we did have two nights of frost in a row. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope Jack feels better real soon!!!! Loves me some snow, hope we get some this year