Friday, July 1, 2011

sleep: 0

Ah, yet again another night of getting up to pee 8 times and thus getting no sleep. That'll teach me not to make salty rice and bean soup for dinner!

So. Bleddy. Tired.

And yes, that was with a dose of melatonin, too.

I'll just plow through this day as best I can, got plenty of chores to keep me busy - after all, it's Canada Day which means everyone's on vacation and everything's closed, not much else to do.

I like my farm chores :-)

Vegas gets to do his man things, like reading:

Cozy home, comfy weather - it's all good :)

I don't know where time is disappearing to, days melt into weeks that vanish into months - but I can truly say that I'm enjoying every moment and take nothing for granted.  Every year brings new challenges and awesome opportunities, I've no idea what's in store for us down the road but part of the anticipation lies in the not knowing: all these possibilities!

So tell me, what's your joy these days?

/end of Sharing The Mojo post/


ModernMom said...

The weather is just perfect today! Must go out and enjoy the pool with my kids. My joy! Happy Canada Day!

Lou said...

Having the time to read your blog - that's a joy.

Collecting the strawberries is up there too.... smells yummy.


Lady Banana said...

My joy is looking forward to the weekend, and the fact I'm going to be having Wednesdays off work soon! whoo hoo! Time to something I really want to!

Hard to believe we are now half way through the year..

myself said...

My joy? taking photos, going on those expeditions with someone I enjoy spending that time with. That's about it :)

prin said...

Eight times? Did you get those blood tests yet?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think your bladder is a little smaller than mine...and that is shocking.
I try to find some joy in each and know, the usual stuff just like you see. My peeps...critters, house, plants...blah blah blah....all good in the hood.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm not sure but I do know that after being gone for three weeks and not on my computer much I am not going to waste my days here anymore. There is a whole world waiting for me to see. Or at least several movies I should go and see!
I want to start reading more.