Wednesday, June 29, 2011

for the faint of heart

Bits and pieces of my Sunday afternoon...

All pics click bigger for details,
if you're into that kind of thing.

While I can't convey what I felt there,
maybe some of these pics will touch you
like they touched me.

This is a very small cemetery,
old in some parts and new in others.

I only kept to the old part.

So old, some stones were scarred
broken and mended
adding to the desolation effect.

Many markers were just stones laid flat on the ground -
notice how they all depict date of death
but not of birth?

Almost forgotten...

Forgotten families laid out side by side
for eternal rest...

The older stones are hard to decipher
but most still have character...

This one broke my heart:
just one simple stone marker
for a child born and died the same year...

...and next to her simple stone, 
that of her brother:

Born in 1792, lived a long full life -
kind of a miracle back in those days...

Two more babies laid to rest
side by side...

I wish I could read these inscriptions
worn smooth by time...

This is the only stone cross in the cemetery -
and a very old one, at that:

Some families could afford better stones than others:
wife of a doctor, eternal:

A life, resumed in a few phrases
carved in stone:

I wonder: do you want to be remembered this way?

Or just have your ashes scattered, no stone to commemorate
the passing of your soul?

8 comments: said...

its hard to the moment, we have thought of our own mortality since we have just lost our parents. but when the time comes, it really doesn't matter. we are gone. you don't have any choice in the matter. you don't take anything with you. it is only for those left behind that we do these things for. so, with that said, think of what you would like others to think about what you have done with your life. and for me, those who knew me know what i did. does anything else matter other that my birth and death date? idk....just a thought...

Anke said...

I love walking around cemeteries, especially older ones. I want to be cremated, but have not yet decided whether I want my ashes scattered or not. I keep telling my hubby, that I want my ashes to be used as fertilizer for the tomatoes, but he doesn't see the humor in that... ;-)

Lady Banana said...

I love cemeteries, such peaceful places to sit and read.

The old graves fascinate me and I love to imagine what the people were like when those were laid to rest so long ago.

I think I want to be cremated, but then again.. One thing I definitely dont want is a photo of me attached to the headstone. I see so many of those on the newer graves and I think it's just horrible and tacky..

Anonymous said...

Wow, burial grounds and cemetaries are artistic no doubt, but I cant go there. In my life, I have been three times. And each time I hated it. Tugs at my heart emotionally...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Haunting and beautiful. I am fascinated with cemeteries to TD.
I will be scattered....not sure where, perhaps on a field of wild flowers??? Or just put me in the coat closet, right next to my Dyson vacuum.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Sorry about the late comment. I promise - I really do read your blog every morning!

Beautiful pictures. Makes the mind wonder about the stories now silenced...

Thanks for sharing.


Candice said...

I love going to the cemetary and having a small look at people's lives... Imagining...

For myself, I don't want anything in particular. I want what helps my loved ones and whatever might be meaningful to them. If I die young my parents would probably want a stone and my husband would want to make sure I am not incinerated and that my body is buried as-is in the day following my death (not stuffed or preserved in any way).

Debby@Just Breathe said...

These are the best. Those are some awesome old stones. You did a great job taking pictures of them.
Thank you for sharing them. That was a great old age for Joseph in 1865! The babies are always the hardest to look at.