Monday, July 25, 2011


A day of comforts...

The heat wave is over, at least for now.
The storms are over, at least for now.
It's a perfect semi-overcast day, not too warm and not too cool.
Sweet breeze to tickle the senses.

The dogs are catching up on sleep,
wish us humans had the good sense to do the same!

Comfort food for lunch:
thick-sliced fried zucchinis, served with fat-free sour cream:

And a cold glass of home-brewed lemon iced tea:

Tending to my "herb garden",
a lovely potted gem given to me by a very sweet friend:

Hand-mowing bits and pieces of the property
such as the dog run next to the house
and the chicken coop runs:

Watching the horses graze in the field 
after yesterday's lovely ride in the woods - 
Old Man Jack and I had some awesome galloping time 
through freshly-harvested fields on the mountain,
it was bliss!

Cleaning and packing up some eggs for this week's delivery,
the girls have been too hot and too stressed to lay much
so it'll be what it'll be:

What's summer without beautiful sunsets? :-)

What are you comforts for today?


the cake chick said...

Happy things are calming down and cooling down. I am very interested in hearing about your egg business. We are going to have a major surplus of eggs once our girls start laying.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lovely photos...all very comforting to me too. You have inspired me to make some fried zucchini as well! Your dogs sleep like my dogs. :)
HOw come your lemon iced tea has no ice??? Hmmmmm might be a Canadian thing. :)
Bringing me comfort? My peeps are all here...that is always the best. And good coffee. Must have good coffee.

~ deb ~ said...

Great blog! texasgal from BYC.

Anonymous said...

Hey - those zucchini look delish - what's the recipie?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the pictures and why is it that our dogs always look so comfy?
Glad you have a break in your weather. That zucchini looks so good. Glad you had a nice ride with Jack. Love that picture too.
Have a nice weekend.

Lady Banana said...

My comfort these days just seems to be laying down in cool sheets at night... The daytimes recently have been too hectic and hot to feel any form of comfort..