Monday, July 11, 2011

seven nights of noise

Every July our town hosts a music festival - annoying in itself because the bands are crappy and we're close enough that the racket carries loud and clear, but this year they started early: tonight.

And the Grande Finale is... Sunday.

Seven freaking nights of trashy noise blown into our house until midnight.


Vegas said that this year we'll walk up there with the doggies one evening and hopefully they'll pee on a a piece of equipment or something.


Summer is kicking our asses this year, too. I kind of love it despite the 24/7 sticky sweat, the sleepless nights, heatstroke, the bugs and the fields-gone-crazy-with-eight-feet-tall-weeds. Because this year, I'll have had my fill of the heat and winter won't feel like such a nightmare.

You know?

OK maybe you don't, but try to imagine ;-)

Did you know that cooking your pancakes in vegetable oil instead of butter makes them crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside? Yes yes, it's awesome! Then you add a pat of butter on your stack and drench with real maple syrup and - oh god. Have a mega craving now. Dammit!

Don't watch The Food Network, it's evil.

Speaking of evil, there's a leftover home-made ice cream sandwich in the freezer.

It's totally mine.

Good night!


A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Okay, ex-band member reporting in. Don't worry - those who play it know it's crappy, too. They will understand your misery. I think the doggies will love the walk, though!

Sorry about the heat. If it helps, we have it here, too. Crazy weather this past year.

So, now you went and made me hungry. Hungry for pancakes cooked in oil. Pancakes covered with butter and syrup... After the pancakes, for some unknown reason, I want ice-cream.

Help me.


PS Didn't you know food cravings are like yawns? Contagious.

Anke said...

Just make sure you give the dogs plenty of water before you head over there. You want to make it worth it, should they pee on the equipment. ;-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The pancakes sound amazing!
Seven nights? And you can hear it from your house....oh, that would drive me bonkers!
** I agree with Anke!**

Vegas said...

I can't believe you ate my ice cream sandwich

ModernMom said...

Seven nights? Oh too much!
K now wait, how did I not know to try pancakes in vegetable oil? Guess what my kids are getting for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, besides - they can't blame your dogs! :))) Try some earplugs!

Anonymous said...

It seems the weather is SO extreme there! Silly question, but can you guys install air conditioning? Seems that would definitely help with the sleep!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well it's almost over! I spend so much time inside/air conditioning that I forget that it is summer. I miss going to my parents summer home on the weekends with my children. That to me was really summer. I so want to live on a farm. Hope your ice cream sandwich was awesome!

Roshan said...

Doggy pee on the pedal boards and the keyboards. That will be revenge indeed.
I've noticed that Canadians are a lot like Indians - complain about the weather a lot.
Here when it's hot we sweat and complain and wish for rain. And during the monsoon, we pray for the sun to come out as it gets too wet & cold! LOL, humans everywhere.