Wednesday, June 8, 2011

maybe we won't move to texas!


It's so very, very hot.

And humid.

I think the gravel in our driveway is melting.

In other news, it hasn't snowed lately(!) and we could use a little bit of rain to water the gardens... I didn't just say that.

It's been a roller-coaster of good cop/bad cop here the past few days.

Bad news: Jack's eye wasn't looking so good so I called the vet yesterday morning, left a message describing the symptoms and she rushed over right away as you don't mess around with suspected uveitis (inflammation of the eye, the leading cause of equine blindness). And yep, diagnostic confirmed. Uveitis.

Good news: we may have caught it in time, he's on topical meds 3 times a day so we'll know by tomorrow if the treatment is working. Could take a good two weeks to clear if all goes well. If not, then we're looking at months. Crossing fingers and toes. His vitals are great (heart, lungs, weight, legs, etc) so that's good news.

Bad news: yesterday the power steering broke on the car and Vegas was an hour away from home, in the city on business.

Good news: the problem seemed to has fixed itself after the car cooled down, which is strange and not very comforting, but at least he made the drive home in one piece. He's gone to the city again today so we'll see if it happens again. Still have to get it checked out though.
(pause for self-portrait of melting, sticky me)

Look at those ham arms :-D

Good news: found a local handyman who repaired the crappy little chicken coop yesterday since we don't have any spare money to build a new one - new roof with shingles, bump-out to add floor space and next week the whole ugly thing will be clad in white vinyl to seal it from the rain and pretty it up - yay! New summer home for the banties!

Bad news: missing roof shingles on our house, which is soooo tall we need to hire a professional roofer with proper equipment to sort it out. No funds for that but it's a need and not a want so we'll have to figure something out. Crap.

So, besides all of this, the heat and humidity are bringing the dogs down, specially Dakotah. He's been throwing up bile in the mornings and barely eating his breakfasts, which is highly unusual for the 4-legged hoover. His front limping is getting worse and he has zero energy. My naturopath expert friend will come give him a Bowen treatment tomorrow to see if that helps, if not then off to the surgeon vet he goes... I only trust the one who rebuilt his knee 3 years ago, even if the clinic is an hour away and very expensive.

C'est la vie, yes?

At least I get to wear the sexiest fuscia push-up bra evar thanks to sweet Prin, whose Victoria Secret shopping faux-pas often end being Christmas for me - seriously, she has been supplying me with the most perfect boob racks for a while now, I should hire her as my stylist :-D

/end of Cleavage post/


ModernMom said...

Hot! You are so right. But I swore if the snow ever melted and the rain ever stopped I would not compkain so I will not:)
Glad you caught that eye problem on Jack before it got too bad :(

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Girl, you've got some crazy weather up there!

How lucky for Jack that you called the vet in right away! Sounds like it was perfect timing on your part (your such a good horse mom). I hope everything goes away quickly and Jack is back to his normal self. more good thing. Vegas is home, you have hot weather, and a sexy bra. Sounds like a good excuse (and time) to walk around in your bra! Give Vegas something to think about during his next business trip... Hee hee...

Bad, Farmer. Bad.

ChiTown Girl said...

I must have missed the "ham arms" cuz I was too busy looking at a beautiful face.

It's hot as hell here, too! For the second day in a row, our heat index reading is over 100 :(

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad you caught his eye quickly.
Definitely get that power steering checked out, that's scary. Sending well wishes for Dakotah. ((HUGS))

Anke said...

We're melting down here in AL as well, yesterday it actually hit almost 102 at our house! And it's only June...
I hope Jack recovers soon, keeping my fingers crossed for him.

prin said...

All these tomorrows! Need an update!

Yey biceps!

Insurance doesn't cover the roof?

Do you feed Dakotah before bed? You can try that. Boo gets pukey in the mornings more often these days too, but if I feed him late in the night, he seems alright.

And yey for boob racks! :D I'm glad it fits & somebody gets to use it. :)

prin said...

Oh, and what's an "ice pop"? And you better never move to Texas. :|

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have the sweetest friend. :)
You should do more self are gorgeous and I mean it. Model gorgeous...YOU HAVE CHEEKBONES. Still hoping and praying for cheekbones in my next life. :)

I hope Jack's eye heals well. GLad you were paying attention and caught this early.

Hey, more good news please. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy for all the good news. Hope the bad news works it self out. And happy its snowing anymore (sorry about the humidity!) Your picture is cute! Good to see your smiling face again! And forget Texas~ California is better (smirk) just had to say in case you are really thinking of moving!

Adventures In China said...

Oh goodness, I miss that heat of Texas! Weird I know. It's way too cold for me where I love now.

You are so gorgeous all the time, your arms look lovely, silly.

I love that you get her bras, yay for friends like that1 Bras should be sexy, I think. Why not? Fuchsia is a great color! Go techno!

C said...

allo mon amie. sorry i havent been leaving comments lately as i am stuck in a funk. this picture of you is just beautiful, and the hams on your arms arent hams, silly, its muscles! stop beating yourself up! have you ever considered getting a window unit for air conditioning? even one down and one up can keep the place cool. i hope jaque lol heals his eye.. paux petit cheval!