Sunday, June 12, 2011

I used to talk a lot. And walk even more.

Now I just sort of live things rather than talk or think about them... not necessarily the best course of action 24/7, I realise. Sometimes life needs thinking about but I seem to forget how.

Feeling reclusive as of late.

Doing anything social or productive seems a monumental effort.

Now I'm reaching the saturation point - sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you know?

Vegas reminded me that BC (before countrylife) I used to walk briskly at least an hour a day, sometimes two and I wasn't plagued with constant back aches despite my sedentary life at the office. I was fitter and happier with my body - yes, I was younger too (!) but still. This fattening up has got to stop, I don't feel like myself anymore.

I'm sorting out my iPod situation today - long story - and then I'll have my music back.

As of tomorrow my feet will start hauling this old carcass around town, at least 5 days a week - no excuses. I know I have to start slowly at first to get my walking muscles back to work but I look forward to that kind of pain. All this coupled with sensible eating, less snacking and my regular farm chores means I should start seeing results in a month or so - at least I hope so.

Otherwise this blue funk will become a sink hole.

Nobody likes a whiner ;-)

If you'd like to share your rejuvenation stories, weight loss experiences, tips and tricks to a healthier life I'd love to hear them!!

/end of Cheers To A Old New Moi post/


the cake chick said...

Hey doll! I hear ya sista! I started working from home about 3 years ago. Part of that time has really been a struggle. Living in New England is hard enough in the winter when it is freezing cold and dark at 4pm everyday. I tend to hibernate and it is just not healthy I have put on weight, gone through periods of time where I don't want to get out of bed or feel like even if I slept 20 hours it would not be enough.

I have found routine works, and a little prozac(I hate to admit it, but I think everyone can use a little extra seratonin in their brain). If I get my routine for my day going and stick to a general schedule, I find I make through the days much better and actually remember that I do find joy in life.

I also started blogging and took cake decorating lessons. I have found both of these things to be great outlets for being creative and just journaling life. I keep my blog anonymous too so I feel I have the freedom to blog as I please. I have kept my little blog a secret from all family and friends and it gives me the chance to say it like I want to.

I did blog about my year in cake. It really did help me. I hope you find your groove...I've been there and know how hard it can be.

prin said...

I don't remember any time since I've known you where you were happy with your body except for the very beginning of your farm life. I distinctly remember reading about muffintoppage long before you moved out there.

You prolly don't want my advice, but here it is, in order:

a) blood tests.
b) don't eat sugar in the morning.
c) cut out bread, pasta, potatoes and rice after noon.

Walking won't really help you unless you get your heart rate way up. Weight training would help you build muscle and bone and raise your metabolism so you burn calories even when you're sitting still. Yoga would help you a ton, especially with the back pain.

prin said...

Oh, and my most important tip: quit focusing on and apologizing for the parts of you that you feel aren't adequate. All of you, chattiness, not chattiness, imagined muffintops, jaggly horseback riding arms, imperceptible hat hair, etc etc, is all perfectly awesome.

Anonymous said...

You sound like me when I first moved to the midwest with hubby! The pace in the country is much slower than the city. And thus our metabolism slows down because we become more sedentary soaking in the lifestyle. Well -at least that is what happened to me. You have a lot of characteristics that I did. Now I am in the city and my pace picked back up, my weight dropped..etc. Find something that works for you. No pouting..just do it. Afterall, you can do anything - you are Technodoll and you have all of our support in Blogland!

Busy Bee Suz said...

No sink hole for you.
Best of luck with your new walking adventure...just don't get lost!!! we would miss you.

Anonymous said...

well first I think you're selling yourself short in saying that farm life isn't exercise. every time I read about your "chores" i can see how much exercise you're getting. But I think in your eyes that also might be an energy drainer. So maybe just a daily walk is all you need to feel less sluggish. As far as food I try the 10% rule. Cut back 10% of foods that aren't going to make you feel good but may taste good, and add 10% of really healthy foods. That way you don't get overwhelmed or burned out with something too extreme.

Vegas said...

TD hates pretty much every form of exercise, except for walking. So this is a good thing - the pace she used to walk at when going to/from work was enough to raise the heart rate.

Sometimes you have to accept what it is that you're likely to do, vs what is going to be a horrible chore :)

Christine said...

Hey Techo, since moving to Texas, I have been going through the same thing. I have a great life but sometimes perfection gets boring. Perfection being able to eat out when ever we feel like it, buying whatever food we want and drinking as much as we want. All of that with no exercise makes for pudgy new Texans.

So the walking thing can be very beneficial, we have walk stations at work, where the speed is 2 miles per hour. One lady has been doing 3 hours of walking every day and has lost 30 pounds. It takes longer walking but if you also try to curb the sweet binges or eating whole baguettes worth of paninni pressed sandwiches, it can be done. Take heart in the fact that you are not alone in your quest for better fitness and better eating balance. I am right there with you struggling. So I am now trying to do 2 hours of walking 3 days a week and a day or two of 45 min running at lunch. The routine of it is key I think.

Part of country living is that you have all day to do whatever, but since there aren't enough hours in the day, maybe a hard fast schedule for a month will do some good. I'll let you know how my quest goes. Chin up!

Christine said...

Oh and I also heard that if you drink a glass of water when the hunger or munchies kick in, you may be able to avoid some of the indulging. I've been trying it. Key word...trying...LOL big hugs to you and the hubbs.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That sounds like a great plan. Here I sit most days, yet send me to Europe for three weeks and I was out and about everyday! Now I am home and here I sit again. I know you work hard each day but I think you need some me time!