Saturday, June 4, 2011

Now that was terrible!

I'm not sure I should put this video here since it opens the door for lots of critiques and laughter, but what the heck.

My friend and I went for another ride last evening and it was pretty much a downer compared to the amazing "hollywood sunset" ride from last Wednesday. Old man Jack was not in the mood, he was tired and dragging his feet, huffing and puffing, sluggish and fighing the bit with every step - which is strange because he seemed fine before being saddled up and two days ago he had the energy of a horse half his age.

I guess everyone has bad days, specially when you're a geriatric.

Poor Jack. He gets the whole week off, I feel so bad.

We still took a couple of videos since we had taken the camera, so here's something for your viewing pleasure. But first! A few things!

1) WTF were my hands and arms doing flying all over the place like that, LOL!
2) Only noticed after the video was shot that the saddle had slipped off his withers - stupid too-big girth strap - that explains my weird riding position and posture
3) I need to do something about that helmet head, it's terrible
4) I don't know a thing about riding but I sure as hell enjoy it anyways

Now, here's my friend on Jack,
so you can see how riding should be done.

Someday I'll get there... someday.

Jack still looks pretty amazing for his age, doesn't he?

Most horses are retired in their teens and are lucky to make it past their twenties. Jack is a good 26 years old, an oddity in the horse world. I'm supposed to keep him fit with light trail riding, so hopefully last night was just a glitch and he's still in good shape.

I'll have the vet give him a once-over later this week, his teeth probably need getting done too. Better be safe than sorry.

In other news Vegas came home this morning after a long night of travel, he's passed out right now the poor thing. I'll let him sleep for a bit and then stuff him with fresh bread from our local French bakery and some hot coffee. Life is good :-)

/end of Happy Weekend! post/


Christine said...

Local French bakery should you don't mean your kitchen??
Big hugs, happy your man is back. Hope he sticks around for a long time, before having to go again!

Lady Banana said...

I've not been on a horse since I was about 16..

Would be fun to do it again but I doubt it will ever happen!

tonyadesigns said...

I don't know. It looked good to me! I'm a little skittish of horses. My couple of experiences riding them have not been great, so you looked so at ease to me. Jack seems like a nice fella.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I couldn't even tell the difference! Fun seeing Jack. So glad that Vegas is home.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

You are much too hard on yourself. You and Jack BOTH look great. not great - FAB-U-LOUS! Just beautiful. I am so proud and happy for your success and bond with Jack.

Horses are just like us - good days/bad days. Weather, distractions - they will all effect Jack! He's doing so wonderful for his age (I think your love and care has a lot to do with that).

Again, you looked beautiful and happy!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I think you looked amazing riding Jack...he is a YOUNG 26!!!! Seriously, I could not see a difference. :)
Enjoy that boy!!!

Lola Smiles said...

you did well! Jack looks good out there! Always better to hold yourself back then lean forwards at a canter..and keep the hands down... Otherwise...awesome! Be proud.

I have bad and good days riding as well. These creatures are so sensitive to our moods - way more so than our pooches.

It takes courage to ride and it's a lot of hard work but I love it! :)