Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Multitasking while making your coffee can lead to a caffeine-free experience, as I found out yesterday morning.

Only when I hit the bottom of my cup did I notice the latte was, well, pretty white. I had forgotten to add the coffee part to my hot sweet milk part - ok not funny, but kinda funny when you think I didn't even really notice until I'd drank the whole thing.


We finally got our new bed delivered last Friday and it's a beaut! Finally, after almost two long years, no more mattresses on the floor. Bliss! Complete with nightstands, too - my very first!

Only I always get up in the middle of the night (thank you, peanut bladder) and nearly did a face palm on the floor as I caught my foot on the side of the bed, expecting the floor but hitting air. Yeah, that would have been awkward - bloody nose at 4am. Imma lucky girl!


I posted a new video of the free-ranging flock on The Chicken Diaries if you want to smile. No laughing at the filming shadow or whiney voice, mmmkay?


Yes, the weather's been that gorgeous the past few days. Back to rain and cooler temps now, but it was nice to get a taste of spring. Our daffodils are *almost* in bloom, the tulips are making good headway and the lawns and fields are starting to take on a tinge of green. Love it :-)


I don't love the mud that goes with all this rain, though.

Nor the crampy head.


I made yummy walnut brownies the other day but after pigging out on them, I now feel too guilty to indulge. I keep saying I want to lose some weight for the summer (hence my current poll, LOL) but man, I do love eating. My thighs and lower belly seem jigglier than before and I don't have that "glow" in the face that I used to, you know?

And I'm moving all the time, so I don't know what's up with that.

Too many calories in, not enough out?

Meh. I need a makeover.

And sleep.




Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats on the new bed and the taste of spring!!!!
Walnut brownies?? MMMMmmmmmmmmmm!

Sian said...

Forty is closing up on me and as it does so I have found my metabolism (which was previously my friend) is slowing down. I can no longer eat what ever the hell I like without it landing on my backside.
The rotten thing is that exercise only serves to make me hungry so I end up eating all the calories that I have just burnt off. WTH?

Anonymous said...

Girl - you dont need a make-over. I have seen your pictures. You are beautiful just the way you are! Congrats on the bed - your lil piece of heaven! And get some rest now (and no more falling!)...your brownies sound yummy!

C said...

oh tis lervely to finally have a nice comfy bed! can we see a pic of it perchance? [i secretly love to look in other peoples houses] [just to see how they have arraanged things] oui, madame... comme ca.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congrats on the new bed! The brownies sound wonderful.