Monday, April 11, 2011

Making pretty

I love waking up to a warm spring morning,
with Vegas doin' his moves on the deck -
slumbering puppies at his feet:

We've had a couple of incidents with one of the neighbor's kids,
who saw fit to throw dime-store firecrackers at the horses -
why would anyone want to torture these poor critters?
Yes, we're on war turf right now -

Meanwhile, we moved the main flock to their summer quarters
which means they're all over the yard now,
scratching for yummy stuff and feasting on tender grass shoots.
It's a beautiful sight!

I just feel really bad for the other two flocks,
who are still in the barn for a couple of weeks.
Their summer coops require bird netting over the outside pens
to keep the birds in and the hawks out.
Last year a snowstorm on April 26th tore all the netting down -
yeah, I'm not being conned a second time into believing
spring is really here yet!

First thundershower of the year happened this morning.

I slept through most of it.

So! Much! Rain! :-o

For reasons unknown, I'm moving more than ever
and not eating any differently than before,
yet I seem to be gaining weight - wth?!

I want to experiment with a low-carb diet for a week
and see if I get that boost of energy
that many people claim -
thoughts on this?

I need to lose weight for summer!
(ps: voted in the poll yet?)


myself said...

low carb never gave me any boosts of energy. but I can't eat alot of the carbs anyway, so it was just a healthier option. They just say to stay away from anything white, that it converts to sugar, glycemic index & all that.

C said...

i HATE little brats that hurt animals, and if i caught one doing so, i'd kick their asses.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I need carbs. I just need to MOVE my arse more. :)
What the heck with the kids being mean??? I often wonder about that...sounds like sociopaths in the making. I hope the horses know that WE are not all meanies.
You BEE a busy lady!!

prin said...

I need carbs also. But at the same time, I eat a lot of meat too...

What'd the doctor say about your weight? And how are you determining this supposed weight gain?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about those firecrackers. That was just mean. I did low carbs about 5 years ago and I loved it. I wish I never drifted away from it. I have to get back on it!! It was so easy. The less carbs you eat the less carbs you desire!!!