Monday, April 4, 2011


I don't know who's aching and limping more today, Jack or moi!

We went riding yesterday afternoon and the old man went nuts on the running. Heart and adrenaline of a five year old, body two decades older - dang it. But oh, we had a great time, Jack absolutely loves riding, he just comes alive under the saddle - pure joy! However, that boy has no brakes and I'm going to have to work with him a few times per week to bring that under control.

In the meantime it's cold, wet and miserable today so that's not helping anyone's old bones. Booo. I put a pot of spaghetti sauce to bubble on the stove and a double batch of banana bread in the oven, wooo!

Balance, we need balance.

Jack will get some nice organic apples tonight with his dinner :-)

Nothing much else going on, we're stuck inside most days so not much progress on springtime activities. Doggies are fine, chickens are getting "end of winter colds", Vegas is working hard and is looking at a lot of traveling for business this month, we're both dreaming and scheming for a move to warmer climates (who isn't?!).

Does nobody like my new poll?

So few votes! LOL!

/end of Better Posts Coming Soon, Promise! post/


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like you had an awesome ride. I just voted.

Adventures In China said...

I could not lose my eyes. I'd be lost.

It snowed about 6 inches here yesterday-- sorry I don't know what that is in cm. Too much for April is what it is!

I am with you on the 'dreaming of moving to warmer climate' thing. I can't take this winter. BAH.

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather got better today. I hope that you are not limping much today. Oh, and I love your polls but I dont want to say which because I dont want to live without any of them (you know how Murphy's Law is in my life lol)!

C said...

i voted!!! hee hee. jack is so wonderful. to have the heart and soul of a pony in an old mans body is such a beautiful thing. bless his little running hooves.

i can smell your spaget from here, how do you make it?

my body also needs to be in warmth. with the fibromyalga i have, it hurts double to get cold. i need to live on a nice hot beach in a condo with a pool... oh yeah, babay!!!!

and money, lots of money..

Anke said...

Sounds like you and Jack had a great time. It has been a really wet Spring here and we are so ready for warmer temps.
Sorry, I'm to chicken to vote in your new poll - don't want to loose any of them...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Who would choose legs??? :0
Sorry about your weather...I am on the other end of the spectrum: HOT.
That Jack....such a young/old Pup!!!

Zedder said...

So sad when those sweet old guys get all young at heart and act like youngins again. then you see them all ouchie the next day.