Wednesday, August 3, 2011

this may be the death of it

(( warning - brain dump ahead ))

It seems I just can't blog anymore.

I keep thinking it's just a phase, I'll get my writing mojo back... but nope, nothing. And I sit there and stare and stare and can't think of anything I want to write about - it's like it just doesn't matter anymore, you know?

My life is shrinking.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying every moment - but my farm life/ housewife routine seems too dull to repeat post after post. I've no funny job stories, I have my chicken blog to talk about the flock life, I don't go anywhere nor see many people so the adventures aren't there to share, and the private home stuff can't be shared here because too many wrong people have access to this blog - if I were anonymous it would be a whole different matter.

Most of you know what I mean, yes?


I'll probably get a part-time job after this summer is over, just to get me out of the house for more than grocery shopping.

Not that I miss dealing with the public but I don't want my brain to rot.

Something like that.

Thankfully I have a little "girl getaway" coming up soon, my bestie is picking me up and we're crossing the border for a couple days of eating bad greasy food and shopping at American stores - looking forward to taking lots of pics and just being elsewhere for a bit.

I'll be homesick after 15 hours but oh well :-D

Then in three weeks Vegas, his daughter, the dogs and I are spending a week by the sea for a real vacation, it's been three freaking years since we went anywhere!

So I'm looking forward to that, too.

Crisp salt air, hungry seagulls, the lull of sea tides against rocky shores.

And then it's September, my brother's wedding, time for apple picking and a couple of photography contracts, preparing the barn for winter housing...

...and then maybe I'll scrap this blog or give it a major overhaul, I'm quite tired of this look and feel.



/end of Not A Writer post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

The last thing we want is for your brain to rot. Think of the smell. :)
I get this...I feel this way sometimes too; but the 'drug' keeps pulling me back. Enjoy your summer. Share some photos when you can/want to...and don't stress out about it.
I hope your girls' weekend is splendid as well as the vacay by the sea. YOU deserve all the best!!!

prin said...

Gotta stop writing about events and write about your perception of the world instead. There's always some of that. :)

I hope you are happy. Sometimes, I can't figure it out from the bits and pieces I get.

betty & wilma said...

i have felt the same way, just know that it will pass.

i agree with suz, i dont wanna smell your brain rot.. either.

how bout taking a fun class?

tonyadesigns said...

I've been there too! Don't feel pressure to post, just do it when you feel inspired.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well it sounds like a lot of fun things coming up for you and then you will maybe get some mojo to write. Have fun with your girlfriend eating, sounds like a fun time. Also your trip with Vegas, his daughter and the dogs is going to be wonderful. You also have your brothers wedding! Enjoy each moment.

Lady Banana said...

Noooooo don't go.. you have lots of things coming up you can blog about, things you can share with us!

Just pop in now and then.. just don't leave us! Please, thank you! x

Roshan said...

I think a rehaul will do you some good. Inspire you eve. But ever stop blogging. I need some Bubblegum stories ever few days or I will die.

Rebecca said...

oooh a week by the sea sounds so peaceful and elegant. Hope you have a wonderful time!!

I hear you about blogging. I like telling stories because I think this is a common thread in our humanity, the stories we have to tell, but I have to self-edit so much sometimes it's no fun. I feel boring in writing because of that.

I think you are awesome! Just so ya know. :)