Tuesday, August 23, 2011

some pics of vaycay :)

How can you not love a cottage by the sea that has high-speed internet? :-D

(all pics click bigger for details n'stuff)

Our deck chairs under moody skies:

Our cottage - we have the unit on the far right side,
it's 3 stories high with a wrap-around deck
and the smelliest water I've ever been forced to endure, LOL!

A few steps down from the cottage...
Driftwood, rocky shores and a pier.

Tranquility :)

Vegas testing his "shore legs":

Since I can't ride my horse,
this is the next best thing - LOL!

My stepdaughter being blown away by the wiiiiiinds!

All of this in jammies!

Yeah, we have fun goofing off ;-)

Happy doggies enjoying a strip of beach...

Front view of our cottage,
our unit would be on the left side now.
Completely restored historic building from 1853!

Vegas the sea pirate, arrrggggg!

I was being silly with the "duckface"
since we both think it's hideous...

...and then Vegas joined in.
He totally wins the duckface competition.

Stepdaughter enjoying a beach snooze.
It's not a dead child! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed...
Lots more pics on the way!


the cake chick said...

Wow! how beautiful!

C said...

such beautiful pictures, wow! you should submit that first b&w shot, you would win fo sho!

looksie @ stepdawtahs' pink hair!!!!! so fun!

im glad you got to get away.

so, whom did you pay a small fortune to, to watch the farm and collect the embryo's?


Anke said...

What a gorgeous place to visit and relax. Looks like you guys are having fun...

Busy Bee Suz said...

The cottage looks great....sounds like you have well water though. :0
Love the photos, you all look like you are enjoying the time off from house duties. LOVE step-daughters pink hair...she is a beauty.
With those duck faces, I thought you were both 14.

Lady Banana said...

Looks fantastic.. peace and quiet..

You take such fabulous photos!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like a beautiful spot. Your step-daughter is gorgeous. Looks like you had a great time. That first picture should be framed and hanging on your wall. I love it!

Whitelilies said...

Is that near Kamouraska? 'coz I was supposed to be there 2 weeks ago!")

Call me when you are back home I still have the Samos Bottle waiting

Luv YA all !