Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekends are for...


Glorious sleeping and just lazing around in bed, dozing.

And dreaming of bedroom redecorating: 
Also good for catching up on social media, cooking and cleaning and preparing lunches for the week, tidying up and running errands and more sleeping and working on that puzzle that's been taking up most of the kitchen table the past few weeks.

OK add in a few shots of salted caramel vodka, please.

One must not be too pious.

Weekends are also for admiring art:
And weekends are for watching movies (Christian Bale's "The Machinist" merits another watching, if you like movies that mess with your head). Recommendations accepted, btw. I'm always looking for great movies, they're hard to find.

How is it already Sunday evening already?!


Curly said...

I want that chicken art for my kitchen!

SUZANNE said...