Saturday, February 4, 2017

New horizons

There comes a breaking point in your life sometimes,
A shift-tilt of the lens - 
your reality suddenly becomes very clear 
and you are faced with what you once thought were choices, 
when all along the choices were made for you through a series of events. 

You become your thoughts.
You are your feelings.
How you let others treat you
is determined by your sense of self-worth.

It takes a long long time to fall out of my grace.
I forgive easily and often, I have great patience - 
Call it being stubborn, I don't know.
I love too much, too hard and for too long.
Often for too little in return.

New horizons now, the map has unfolded
because I finally allowed myself to get angry enough
to say no more.
I deserve better than this. 
I am better than this. 

Those who cannot see it don't belong in my life. 
Not anymore. 

 Respecting my heart enough to allow it to heal now.
It feels... Amazing. 
I am free to attract new energy in my life now.
If your past calls, don't answer - 
it has nothing new to say.

With love and kindness,

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