Monday, October 24, 2011

Well, I'll be darned!

Lowering high blood pressure by eating less carbs?

Who would have thunk it?

New studies are coming to light showing that a low-carb diet is key to lowering blood pressure - of course you combine it with a healthy diet full of lean proteins, fruit, veggies, good fats, not too much salt and nix the junky & processed foods. Exercise, reduce stress, bla bla.

But low carb is the key.

At least, it's kinda working for me...

I've been averaging 140/95 the past few years, my parents are both on BP meds and my doctor said it was only a matter of time before I have to take them, too. Ugh. I'm too young for that!

My annual doctor's appointment is next month so I have to take my BP at home at least twice a day to give her a month's worth of averages to consult. Well, imagine my surprise when, sprinkled among the regular high crap, I'm seeing days of 120/80 - hadn't seen that in years!!

The only lifestyle change I can attribute this to is the elimination of most carbs & processed foods since end of August.

After binge days (we allow ourselves a treat on weekends, a blow-out day so to speak) my BP goes right back up for a few days. If I eat really well and stay away from carbs, it goes back down to a normal range.

Wow, eh?

I don't feel any different though, not sleeping any better and I don't have more energy than before. I do have less padding on my hips & tummy, I have lost about 5 lbs and kept it off so that's good (for me).

Might reward myself with this for those dark days :-D

Happy Monday, peeps!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I knew that, isn't that awesome! Also lowers cholesterol. Low carb is also used in a diabetic diet!
How awesome to see that your blood pressure has gone down. Now if only I could would start again I could join you in that good news.

prin said...

Pancake chair. For reals.

Yey for being healthier!

Have you ever tried going to sleep when you're sleepy instead of on a schedule?

Lady Banana said...

I find it so hard to stick to any kind of "good" food routine.

Especially when I come in late and tired from work, I just want to grab easy food.. and then that ruins all the good work..

Good luck, keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

My mother struggled with high BP as well. Nothing but changing the diet works (or else popping pills for the rest of your life to manage). Given to two options - I opt for exercise, diet change too. I know you will do fine. Just think before you eat that's all. And make time for healthy choices. Good luck!

Jayme Goffin said...

glad to see you still on the eating clean wagon! May I suggest a blow out meal, not a whole day? It might help. My BP was always 120/80 when I was at my heaviest. After 100 lbs off - it's running 105/67 usually. Ca-razy!

Frank said...

My blood pressure is like 90/40. If I stand up too fast I pass out.