Wednesday, October 12, 2011

busy, busy, aaaaaa!

Not much time to blog these days -
had to cram in as much outdoorsy stuff as possible
before the cold rains come - scheduled to start tomorrow
and last for a few long days, yuck!

The fall foliage is absolutely splendid this year,
a rare treat to see it so vibrant!

I'll post some pics this week :-)

Vegas is again in town tonight so no chance to cook up a nice dinner,
what a bummer - I've no idea what to snack on :-(

He works too bloody hard, my dear husband.

I don't like seeing him so burnt out and stressed.

It's a bit contagious.


Life is good, it's just a temporary hiccup in the grand scheme of things -
not exactly lemons but maybe grapefruit? LOL

Gotta run, the farrier's coming tonight to trim the horses' feet
and I'm alone for everything - 
dogs to feed, chickens to put to bed, horses to bring inside the barn, etc.

And it feels like I *just* got out of bed, where the heck did this day go???


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Would love to see the Fall foliage.
Your always so busy and have so many to care for. I know they all love you :) for being such a great mom.

Anke said...

I don't know what it is right now, but time is flying by. I pretty much just fall asleep on the couch every night right now wondering where the day went...

Lou said...

Right! I'm popping over to help.... after we've done yours could you come over here and see if we can find my girl's eggs? Those chickens are getting sneakier every day....

..Missed reading you, sorry I've been so lazy. xx