Sunday, May 1, 2011

the single wife

Yep, that's me for this week...

Vegas left for the west coast this morning for a long week of business meetings and I get to stay home and hold the fort - he brings the bacon home and I cook it, lol!

We do make a pretty good team.

I miss him already.


My lower back is still a throbbing mess, there's no way in hell I can just sit still and do nothing so I guess I'm my own worst enemy.  It's been absolutely gorgeous the past few days so I'm rushing to get all kinds of spring farm chores done- I only have a few windows of opportunity thanks to the shitty "spring" we've been having and I have to grab them when I can, you know?

No worries, the rains and colder weather are coming in as of Monday afternoon.

For a change.

This afternoon I was grateful for a few of life's little happy moments (not that they all happened today but over the course of a week or so, they add up!):

-pouring just the right amount of milk into your bowl of cereal
-a string of green lights down a busy road
-a busy store and an empty cashier line as you pull up with your cart
-an evening of your favorite tv shows, back to back
-finding a forgotten five dollar bill at the bottom of your purse
-falling asleep to the songs of spring frogs

Did I mention that I sort-of got offered a job this afternoon?

I had to make a quick dash to the equestrian store not too far from here and I think the owner quite likes me, although I've no clue why as I've only been there a handful of times. She's always been very helpful and chatty, her boutique is very nice and quite posh and we always get to chatting when I drop by.

We were talking about Vegas traveling and why I took a break from office life, she joked that I must be too busy to work and I said yes, actually, the 9-to-5 would kill me but maybe someday I'd want to work again, maybe part-time - and then she mentioned she was looking for someone to help her with her boutique and would I be interested?


She knows I know nothing about horses or the horse world / sport / equipment and yet she's looking for someone to handle the store on a part-time basis, just a few hours here and there - flexible time, nothing rigid. She said I'd learn on the job, wink wink.

I was flattered, really! But the money would be minimal, the hours unpredictable and since Vegas and I share a car there's no guarantee I could actually get to work when I needed to. And do I want to get into that kind of stress, handling a store chock-full of things I know nothing about, dealing with clients, sales, the phone, inventory, etc?

And missing the summer, my husband, my flock, my doggies, getting home exhausted after a work shift and dealing with the farm chores (summer can be a heavy workload), getting used to the alarm clock and having to go work even if I have a migraine or a sprained back - gosh, I feel ill just thinking about it.

If the pay was fantastic I'd give it serious thought.

The store is really amazing, though, and the change of pace would do me good.

I left the possibility open but I did stress the fact that transportation would be a big issue so I guess we'll see what happens. Maybe come autumn she'll still need help and I'll be ready to go back to work by then - circumstances change.

But for now... I just don't feel ready.

I need to get my health back on track, get our little farm in shape, enjoy a nice summer with my husband (we have a vacation by the sea booked for end of August when my stepdaughter visits, woo!) and then we'll see.

Right, I should get my old bones to bed, another long busy day looms ahead.

Like I said, I'll rest later this week when it's raining buckets.

My poor flocks!

/end of Life's Little Wonders post/


Anonymous said...

Its the little things in life sometimes that make us the most happiest. I guess we all have to count our blessing. If you take the job or not, dont overdo yourself.

Adventures In China said...

I carry so much stress in my lower back, I often have lower back pain. I sympathize. It's a place that often gives me problems.

I hope you get a chance to rest this week-- safe travels for Vegas!

So glad to hear about your seaside trip, sounds so wonderful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your list of happy lil' things.
A job? how would you ever have the time???
I hope you feel better soon!!!
Are you counting down the days till your beach vacation???

prin said...

You probably wouldn't have to do inventory. Just straight holding down the fort so she can have a couple of hours off here and there. A couple of hours a week won't take too much out of you and might even give you that boost of accomplishment once in a while.

You might learn a lot about horsey things too.

The pay won't be fantastic, but it'll be fun.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was a sweet offer she made to you. I think you are plenty busy at home but it's fun to dream. So sorry your back is still hurting. I like your grateful moments. I got some cash from the back for a few trips I have coming up and went to put it in a tin and found I had 2/$100. bills in it!

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

So... I think Vegas needs a spankin.'

WOW - offered a job, eh? I think that says a lot about you and how people perceive you. She obviously felt you were a sweet gal, capable, and trustworthy. Even if the timing isn't right for you, it's such a compliment!