Saturday, May 28, 2011

she's a p*ssed off b*tch!

Mother nature, that is.

Two nights in a row that we're startled awake at 3am by crashing thunder shaking the house, violent rains and blinding lightning - and more severe storms are in the works for later today :-o

Soggy, soggy, soggy.

30C with humidex right now, the air is thick with moisture - makes it difficult to breathe. I can feel the mold growing on my skin from lack of sun and dryness!

"mold, the other blue skin"

According to the weather tracking people, we've had more than double the normal rainfall for this area the past month.

Enough already.

In other news, well you'll have to wait for a post in my Chicken Diaries to find out... key word: chickies, glorious sweet chickies! Yep I gots 'em this morning - squeeee!

On the way home I stopped at the local bakery to get some hand-made artisan bread - you know, the good stuff you can't get in grocery stores. What a treat! The baker's from France and his shop's been open a year and a half, business is slowly picking up and I really wish him and his wife the best of success - I'll sure go back on a regular basis!

Super friendly, he showed me the kitchen, dough rising area, the ingredients (all organic and sourced locally) - wow, sparkling clean and oh, the sweet smell of rising dough... *heaven*. Every single client that came in while I was there was greeted on a first-name basis with big smiles all around, everyone raving about the quality of the goods. Then I mentioned I raised hobby chickens and had colored eggs... and what do you know, I just gained a handful of new clients including the baker, who will trade me day-old breads and baguettes for the flocks in exchange for some eggs!

Absolutely thrilling, if you ask me :-)

OK, time to go check on the new babies and prep the horses' stalls for the night, they need a break from all this rain and will for sure appreciate a good few hours of sleep for a change.

I just saw a threat of 1-inch in diameter hail with severe rainfall, thunder, the works - it's on the way. Are they kidding me? :-o

Dinner tonight is oven roasted chicken (not mine!), broccoli and a side of rice or something.

As long as we don't run out of power before I'm done cooking!

/end of Baby Love Not Rain Love post/


dons_mind said...

meanwhile - here in TX, it's 111 (F)...we haven't had any rain in nearly 7 months and would really be excited over moisture!!!! hang in there!......

C said...

no probs, dorothy! bwahahahaha

it sounds like it's a hot wet mess up in your neck of the woods! i hope mr. sunshine comes out very soon. our pool is swim ready but it's rainy here too and too cool to get in!!! i want my heat!!!

eyyyyyyyyyyyy mo.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is just too much rain. The hail everywhere has been huge too!
Can't wait to meet the chicks. Wow that bread sounds wonderful and how awesome to make trades along the way. Have a great dinner.

Anke said...

What is it with this weather right now?? This has been such a horrible year - weather wise. We woke up to tornado sirens again the other night and lost power again from midnight to almost 5 in the morning. The next day we had torrential downpours - sideways! I hope your area dries up and you get to enjoy some warm and dry weather. It's great about you being able to trade eggs for bread. Awesome how things work out sometimes, isn't it?

Busy Bee Suz said...

The bakery sounds lovely...and you have a new friend in your chickie business!!!!!
Do you want me to mail you some sunshine??? I will!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems the midwest/east coast has had a pretty brutal winter and spring. Crazy the destruction the weather has caused.

That bakery sounds amazing. I picture it now. I would weight 500 pounds if I worked in a bakery with fresh bread every day. The smell is the best in the world!