Thursday, May 26, 2011

100% humidity

Thunderstorm! Raging rains!

And a very wet house inside, indeed. It's so warm that you need to crack some windows open not to be stifled, and now I can't find a single piece of paper that's not all wilty.

So gross.

I can hardly make out my old horse Jack out in the field, the rains are coming down so hard - he seems to be enjoying the shower though :-)

We had a most wonderful ride in the woods yesterday, I think I smiled all day afterwards. I was a bit afraid it would make my back worse but no, it actually helped a bit -

OOooOOooO lightning!

My eyes!

I think I have the attention span of a gnat today.

Been busy with a bit of photography lately, housecaring (who says housekeeping anyways?), shopping, farm work and the like - did I mention I'm getting a bunch of new baby chicks on Saturday? Yeah! One of my friends hatched some cuties so I get to take some off his hands, tee hee!

They'll keep me busy while Vegas is away, yet again, on another long business trip... he works too hard, this husband of mine :-/

Time to fold some laundry.

And dream of dry sunny days.

What do you dream about lately?

/end of Soggy post/

11 comments: said...

wow, soggy britches....i hate that...i would have to run the a/c just to ward off the humidity. but then you have the high electric bill. one evil or the other. a vicious cycle.

well, my dreams are of flying away and seeing my new baby grand daughter be born!! oh wait...that isn't a dream...hahaha, i am doing that sunday!! but i must be off now, gotta go pack a million things, i am staying a month! nonna's gifts alone need a separate suitcase!! lol have a wonderful and dry sunshine-full weekend and hope your honey comes home soon. he does work too hard!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well today I am dreaming of Scotty's (American Idol) album coming out. Also dreaming of my vacation coming up.

So sorry about all the rain. How cool that Jack likes it. Sorry your alone again too. Glad you back isn't hurting after your ride.
Have fun with the new chicks!

Anonymous said...

I love that word: housecaring! I shall enter it into my vocab! Stay dry and know that it cant rain forever and the sun will come back soon! And Vegas will be back before you know it! :) Happy Thursday!

prin said...

My dreams are too messed for your comment section.. :D

And it hasn't rained here nearly as much as down where are and my wood floors are buckling. :(

And what kind of chickies? Deets!

prin said...

+you. There's a you missing in my comment. :D

the cake chick said...

I am waiting for chicks too! We can't wait.

C said...

my dream is simple.

i NEED a job.

but not just any job.

one that i will enjoy.

eyyyyyyyy mo.

Anke said...

Lots of rain and stormy weather down here, too. My dream would be for the sun to move in and the storms to finally stay away.

Busy Bee Suz said...

We are getting back into our summer afternoon showers; almost daily. But not like you are having.
I hope it dries up soon for you and your love gets home safely where he belongs!!!!
I dream of having a maid.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Oh no! Tell me it isn't so. Rain and no-Vegas? Crap.

Watch for mold in that humidity, ya? Dangerous stuff there (it grows in my shower as we have no fresh air in one of our bathrooms - gross evil stuff).

New chicks? Can't wait to hear all about it.

Jack is so sweet to take such good care of you. Glad the ride didn't bother your back - am sure it won't be long before summer is upon us and you'll be taking plenty of rides w/Jack.


Frank said...

I volunteer to be the spare husband!