Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small joys

So here's what happened yesterday afternoon - yeah, it was just a perfect pre-spring summer day wooooo! I'm so lucky and grateful I got to enjoy it :-)

Turns out Jack is very well trained, only he's been testing me to see how much he could get away with... Now that he knows that I know that he knows stuff, well, the respect is starting to settle in. I need to work on his brakes though - that boy is stubborn, when he doesn't want to stop (which is more often than not) then whoooaa it's a battle.
I'm slowly getting my "horse legs", 
although Jack is standing all crooked here
thanks to the soft spongy ground!

This was after the ride,
Mister Jack was getting impatient -
mom! enough already!
My friend took the pics atop her horse,
now that was funny juggling :)

Since the wooded trails we normally use are boggy, soggy, icy and very dangerous
we had to ride around the neighborhood streets -
at least this way the horses get some sort of exercise
and it's a great way to socialize, desensitize and train them.
Plus all the kids and grownups who smile as we pass
are well worth it :-)

A quick live-action of the above -
ignore my goofy face, please!

Hope you enjoyed!


Anke said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Hopefully it'll get warmer soon and you get to spend even more time with your horse.

C said...

it would be SO lovely to ride a horsey around the hood. your faced wasnt goofy, it is beautiful as always! does vegas ride too?

prin said...

So now that he knows you know he knows that you know he knows the rules, he'll know you know he can follow them?

Anonymous said...

The weather pales in comparison to the fun it looks like you had! Hope it was a good ride!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you got to go for a ride.
Looks like so much fun! Have a wonderful weekend.

jaxjilmommy said...

Love the video of you on Jack!