Sunday, March 20, 2011

How a smile brings a smile :-)

This awesome video has been circulating on Facebook lately,
if you haven't seen it yet then you just must!

I challenge you to watch it and NOT smile :-)

Denver, my hero! 

On another smile-making note, since it's a gorgeous sunny day and the rest of the week looks cold, wet and snowy, I just came back from a long horseback ride up our country dirt road and have confirmed two things:

a) my old man Jack loves running, and
b) the way home always takes half the time as the way out! LOL!

We both came home salty, sweaty and pooped and happy.

Jack got a rub-down and some fresh hay in the sun, I got a hot shower and an apple. I wonder if it should have been the other way around?!

Vegas is still coughing up a storm, awe my poor husband - man colds are the *worst*. He's got a long difficult work week ahead of him so I really hope it passes. Dinner tonight is breakfast (eggs, bacon, pancakes...) as I've heard it was an old-time remedy. Or it might not be, I dunno - I'm just in the mood for bacon!

/end of Sunday Scribblings post/


Anke said...

How could one be mad at that face? Denver cracked me up, so funny...
Glad you got to spend some time outside with Jack. :-)

Leanne said...

Denver is adorable. and mmmmm, bacon! I love breakfast for dinner!

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Breakfast for dinner? We have it all the time! Love it!

You are doing an awesome job with Jack-bonding! I'm so glad he is so well trained.

Sorry hubby has a man-cold. You'll have to remind him he is a farmer now and farmers can't get man-colds. Hopefully, his work week won't be as trying as feared and he can squeeze in some rest time.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

So cute, love that smile. So glad you got to ride Jack. Hope Vegas gets better soon. Sending well wishes.

Busy Bee Suz said...

That doggie face is the him.
Hope Vegas recovers for you....take it easy on Jack. :)