Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Because I've got nothing better to do: Infomercials that crack me up

Pretty hard to choose from the thousands of silly gadgets we're being conned to buy thanks to the infamous infomercial but these few below are classic!

For the record, I can't stand these time-wasters but Vegas loves to indulge - not sure why since he's never bought anything advertised before. At least that's what he tells me... :-o

OK first up: a mini-vacuum with razor blades.
Safe for the whole family!
Suck up unwanted hair while saving on salon costs!

I don't know about you but
I'm totally creeped out.
Flowbee: Look Like A 70's Porn Star
In Two Easy Steps!
Stashe option extra.

This cool gym-machine thingie will transform you
into a she-male in only 20 minutes, three times a week!
Baseball cap not included.

Ladies, tired of washing those endlessly dirty floors?
Have your husband do it for you while he's schlepping around -
gives a whole new meaning to "slipper foot"!
matching kilt available for only $9.99!
Ah, Vince...
What did we do before you Slap-Chopped your way
into our hearts and kitchens?

I don't think this atrocity needs any introduction...
Note that, in a pinch, you can wear it to church choir practice.

What's scary is the dog version.
I'd call the SPCA.

Teddy bears for the in-laws' breasts.
You know, for those cold car trips,
gotta take care of the nips.

I really wonder who's behind these dastardly inventions.
Do you buy it?


Vegas said...

infomercials are awesome - they bring me great joy :) My favourite is the chair-based workout routine, complete with video of people doing it outside in Russia and various other countries.

You don't know.

prin said...

I want those floor washies so bad! I do that with towels anyway to wash my floors. Man! That would save so much time! And the tie thingies would save me effort too!

prin said...

Oh, and the best one I ever saw was the potato stand for $19.95.

Adventures In China said...

I feel like so many of those are Saturday Night Live skits, not real.

That said, I'd totally buy those floor washing slippers! Ingenious!

Anonymous said...

I think the only one that I would have seriously considered is the snuggie :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those are funny. He does look like a 70's porn star!
We actually bought some equipment that the exercise guy was selling years ago.
Bought the dogs Snuggies when they were on clearance just for a laugh.

Keri said...

Those are some great ones! I love the pony tail on that guy.. and the guy in the car with the seat belt bear... He looks like Robin Williams...