Friday, March 18, 2011

And so it starts

Hmmm are we really in the throes of an early spring or is this just Mom Nature playing a cruel trick on us? I guess time will tell... But in the meantime it sure is nice to see all that snow and ice melt away, to hear the melody of long-forgotten birds gracing our trees again and to see some green shoots in the garden!
See? Magical!

I thought the chickens had eaten all the seeds and bulbs last autumn,
looks like they missed a few - LOL!

However frost is on the way, along with more snow 
and other horrible things so these little green lovelies
will no doubt be dead before they can bloom.

Here I am, contemplating the giant mess that is our land
and wondering where to start the massive spring cleanup.
Ooooh! The choices!

I decided to attack the eyesore that was the fallen vine awning -
a casualty of heavy winter snow and rotten wood,
it's what you see when you look out the front door
so it really had to go.
No more cute shaded passage for the chickens
in the hot summer sun :-(

I won't tell you how hard that mess was to pick up,
but suffice to say that a 100-year old vine wrapped around
trellis for sides and a roof does not make for a quicker-picker-upper!
All I had was a small saw and a drill
and lots of elbow grease.

It looks much better now but I still have a lot of small debris to pick up
once the snow melts and I can lug the wheelbarrow out.
Not sure whether to leave the posts standing so the vine 
can grow back on it (the roots are intact) -
or should we tear the whole thing down?
We'll see in a few months what it looks like
with the grass, leaves and stuff...

I also started dismantling the rickety chicken tractor (mobile pen), I don't need it this summer so I'm happy to get rid of the atrocity. Since I need to re-use the parts to build other stuff for the coops - I'm frugal, not cheap! - I had to yank hundreds of big-ass staples from the wood to remove the chicken wire, netting and tarps. The pain in my arms & hands cannot be described - and I'm still not done! 

One project at a time, one project at a time...

Vegas has the man-cold so I have to concentrate on being a good wife-nurse.

You understand, right?


Right now the wind is screaming and howling and trying to bloooow our house down. Loud and scary - I'm always wondering if a tree will snap in two again, if we'll lose shingles on the roof or have a dog blown away across the field.

Yeah, it's a strong wind today :-o

This weekend is for horse poop duty. Gotta start cleaning away the mountains of shit in the pen close to the barn so we're not ankle-deep in brown sludge and flies next month. Grim. Very, very grim.

I'll have to go riding again to counteract the yuck :-)

/end of Happy Friday post/


Anke said...

Oh no, not more frost and snow... I think I might have to cry if we got more snow down here. Today it's actually 80 and we're supposed to be in the upper 70's all weekend. Bliss!

ModernMom said...

Our yard is so gross right now! Big patches of grey snow, some brown grass poking up and yes the dog poop. An entire winter of dog poop. Ug. Still looking forward to the warm weather so guess I won't complain too much:)

C said...

NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!! i mean no more snow!

its so much work to live on a farm yet it sounds like SO rewarding!

i LERVE that gorgeous picture of you by the barn. to suis une belle femme mon amie!!

hope vegas feels better.. i think a nice hot pot of something simmering on the stove is needed... and maybe warm scones for dessert...?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am beginning to wonder if you ever have summer in Canada at all???
I get the 'man cold' bit. Coach never gets a cold...he gets an 'infection'..sounds more dramatic, huh?
YOU are so strikingly beautiful...I do hope you know this. xoxox

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Eww on the poop clean-up, it's enough picking up the dog poop!
Great job on the clean-up of the trellis, looks a lot better. Hope those new plants don't die :(
Hope Vegas feels better soon.