Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Against the robot

It seems my spare time these days have been swallowed up by scrabble games against the robot rather than by blogging time - whoops!

Plus today was sooo nice out, I just had to get a few long-overdue farm chores out of the way while the sun was shining warmly. I really dislike being cooped up in the house when the birds are singing outside, it just seems so wrong somehow - specially after being stuck inside the past five months, you know?

So besides raking horse poop off the barn ramp, mucking Jack's stall, dismantling the old chicken tractor and lugging all the lumber into the garage, walking the dogs and doing some carpentry work in the summer coops, I cleaned out the winter coops for the last freaking time this year! wOOOt!

OK fine, I have to do it all again in a month once the flocks have been moved out of the barn for the summer, but still. It's progress :-D

The gang's always happy for fresh bedding
and time spent with momma,
who's quite sore after hauling 12 heavy wheelbarrows
out of the barn - all that shoveling and lugging
of heavy things requires advil and a hot bath tonight!

Worth every minute of work to see these happy faces-
did I tell you how much I love my chooks?

The horses were laaaaazy sleepy old guys today,
enjoying sun baths, mud baths
and foraging for those tiny new blades of grass -
the proof is in the yawn!

Horse fact: he/she will immediately go roll in mud
less than five minutes after being groomed.

Well that was today, I'm off for that hot bubble bath now... The weather's supposed to hold for tomorrow and then go back to crap (ie, snow, freezing rain, grey skies, wind) as of Friday for the whole weekend.

Let's hope the weather monkeys are, once again, wrong on that front!

/end of No Stinky City For Moi post/


prin said...

Totally thought by the title that this post would be about the election. I was all, "Miracle!"

... horsies...

I woulda crashed out beside him in the muck with a book. :D

C said...

so cute of the chooks and horsies... they did look tired, hopefully their energy will come back with nice weather!

Anke said...

Wish we could spend more time outside right now. After having some really nice weather, the rains returned - with a vengeance. It has been raining almost every day here and everything is muddy and squishy...
Love your chickens and Jack. :-)

Lou said...

Lovely innit when we can get out.

2 naughty horsies escaped here and rampaged through my garden... At least they fertilized as they went! said...

so cute!!! glad you got to spend time outside with the kids. lol

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I just love hearing the rooster, it just melts my heart. Great videos. Soaking up the rays, that is what Skye does as soon as I put her out, she spreads eagle laying on her back getting the sun on her belly. It was 94 here today!!

Adventures In China said...

We are having the same weather patterns. It sucks. I want Spring!

The horsie picture made me smile-- I do love a good roll in the mud, can't blame him one bit.

Hope you got that hot bath and enjoyed it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Watching your videos is like a trip to the country for me. Love them.
I think Dogs have the same mud mentality after bathing. Oy.
You work too hard....wish you could hire someone to do the hard work!!!
Bad weather??? Come to FL!

Lady Banana said...

I play a lot of a Scrabble type game on my iPhone.. Words with Friends, it's very addictive and you get to play with humans!!