Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday stuff

Yesterday was pretty rough so I decided to skip the blogging, there's no point in spreading that much misery.

Today is faring much better - woo!

Just waiting for the scheduled sun to make its appearance and all will be right with the world. I want to spend this day outside, weeding and enjoying nature. After facing the crowds in a couple stores, I mean.

mutter people crowds mutter

Still no offers on the house, which is an exercise in patience... But it looks like I may have a couple of photography gigs next weekend so that's exciting. This part of our lives kinda feels like a sheet hanging to dry on a clothesline, you know? Waiting... waiting. Not knowing where we'll be next, or when. We don't want to invest ourselves in this place anymore and we can't focus on elsewhere yet, either.

Ah well... This too shall pass :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - do let me know about it!

/end of Weekend Woo post/


Just Breathe said...

Have no plans. My daughter and SIL went to San Francisco for a graduation so we have a quiet house this weekend :) It is hard having your house on the market.
My house is always clean and picked up but for some reason when its listed to sell it feels so different. Your always on call.
I hope that your day today is filled with sunshine and simple pleasures.

Lady Banana said...

If only I could make you an offer on that very beautiful house!!

C said...

there will be good days and blah blah blah days... hopefully more of the first.

my plans are tonight for a BBQ... as you well know since you are coming, right? you can bring your yummy choc. cake.
oh i wish you could!

take in as much sunshine as you can...

and remember... waiting is still a verb... so you ARE doing something...

the right peeps will come along,

why dont you and the hubbadubs go out for the night? go see a movie, have dinner...

that sounds nice...


Technodoll said...

Just Breathe, I hope you're enjoying walking around your house nekkid this weekend! *giggle*

Lady B, oh how I wish!

C, I spent most of the day weeding flower beds so it was nice - yey sunshine! We stayed in and watched Glee tonight, I had some wine...

Janean said... only takes ONE person to want your home and fall in love with it. keep the faith, babe-ee! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Now, I miss having a clothesline.
It will someone special to come in and take over your home. They are out there....still looking for YOU.