Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A tally of sorts

Let's see, what do we have here today...

The Good: The sky is a checkerboard of sun and thick dark clouds, very interesting and pretty. It has character.
The Bad: It's raining sporadically every half-hour so I can't free-range any chicks - they've been cooped up for two days now as yesterday was a deluge of thick rain all day.

The Good: We managed to mow half our lawn and do a bit of landscaping over the weekend (the other half is still too boggy for the lawn tractor).
The Bad: Everything grew right back... in dandelions. We now sport a bright yellow lawn.

The Good: I'm getting a free replacement jigsaw from Black & Decker as the one I had bought and used for three weeks just broke.
The Bad: I placed the service call March 23rd... and another one April 28th.... and another one today. I had to escalate to a manager to finally get told the new unit was shipped out April 30th. Gnar.

The Good: I finally sold five of my 6-week old roosters, yay!
The Bad: They were supposed to leave at 10am this morning and of course the people had a delay... they may come by around 4pm instead... I hate people.

The Good: I seem to have enough energy today to finally attack a bunch of housework, gardening, all that good stuff.
The Bad: There's so much to do, I don't know where to begin!

I'd keep going on but you get the idea! Right now the dishwasher's going, there's a load of laundry I need to go hang to dry and then it's time to hoover this giant mess of a place. At least all the chicken condos in the garage and nice and clean - it's amazing the amount of dust and poop these birds generate, mind-boggling in fact. I have to shop-vac the entire garage this week in order to be able to breathe!

No wonder my poor babies have respiratory problems :-/


I took my camera out for a walk yesterday, the dogs kept us company... The sky was such a lovely refreshing blue after the morning storms, a real treat!
Dakotah, my pretty-boy posing in the field:

Sweet Maika, who's not allowed to run loose on account of being a truant:

Bonehead (aka Dante), being a... bonehead:

Maika, wondering why she has to put up with such a boob:

The boob in question:

OK he can be "normal" sometimes.
Rarely, but it happens:


I've gotta get a move-on and will leave you with a quote from my lovely grandmother, who's now 87 and has been in a nursing home (old-age home?) for a few years now on account of a slow progression of Alzheimer's...

When asked "what have you been up to?", I've been told with a smile "oh pas grand-chose, on tricote des nounes pour le gouvernement!" which translates to "oh not much, just knitting muffs for the government!"

And by muff, she wasn't talking about the kind that keeps your ears warm either. :-o

Happy Tuesday!

/end of Granma Knows Best post/


Vegas said...

I love these pictures :) Dante is awesome, even though he's a bonehead.

Meatlips = winner

C said...

oh how i love it whenst you post pictures of the kiddies... they are gorgous! and the blue in the sky is too!

sounds like you are enjoying your day, even wiff all the housework. it's good to be busy...

[yeah, right]...

have a good one..



i love your gramma's quote! that is so cute and funny and original! i bet she is a cutie pie.

Anke said...

The picture of Dante in motion is hilarious!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your Grandma!!
Those pictures are amazing...I love that you call him The Boob!!!

Life, it is always something isn't it? Could you imagine one day waking up and NOT having anything to do?
Me neither!!!

Technodoll said...

Vegas, that's just gross!

C, my gramma's awesome! I miss her though... her mind's just not there anymore :(

Anke, Dante is a bonehead! LOL

Busy Bee, same here... days are meant to be filled with stuff, good stuff if possible! :-)

prin said...

I like that Vegas likes Dante. Every time he posts something like the above, I telepathically high five him. :D

Is Dakotah's face really whiter than even a few months ago or is it just me?

Nice skies. :) I got home just in time for the rain tonight. :/

Just Breathe said...

The pictures of the dogs are so cute. Looked like a nice day. Sorry about the dandelions :( I like to be on time and when you expect someone to the house they shouldn't make you wait all day!
Not sure about the muffs.....I think you lost me.

Adventures In China said...

Those sky shots look like paintings. I've forgotten sky can be that blue. I love Canada so much.

Kathryn said...

LOVE the pix of the furkids.

How's Dante been lately?

Candice said...

I love your pictures! Amazing!