Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh dear

I hope this explains why I'm not blogging today.
No worries, I haven't fainted.
But if I don't get into a hot bubble bath right now,
I just may.
Why do I overdo it like this?
** eejit **
It was worth it though :-)


Adventures In China said...

That is hilarious! Love it. Enjoy that bath!

prin said...

lol @ "OR IS IT?!?!" at the beginning. I should start my thoughts with that. :D

Sleeeeeeep, you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You need to take it easy sister...really!!!!

Farley said...

RELAX or CHILLAX another word for chill and relax *like it* technodoll do you?
MY INVENTION! ENJOY THATT BATH! i want one now ta for the idea

Farley said...

la x

Just Breathe said...

Yep, that's you always working your butt off. Hope the bath was perfect.

All your little chicks and of course your pups wish you a Happy Mother's Day and say thank you for loving me...chirp chirp & bow wow!

Technodoll said...

The bath was excellent, sleep was good but not long enough... I think a repeat is in order! :-D

prin said...

Doooooo it (again).